Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous: The Ultimate Performance EV Unveiled

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Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous: The Ultimate Performance EV Unveiled

The replacement for the Tesla Model 3 Performance has been a topic of much discussion, particularly regarding a potential name change. Recent sightings of a Ludicrous-badged Model 3 in Valencia, Spain, confirm earlier rumors and suggest that its market debut is imminent.

Last September, Tesla introduced the refreshed Model 3 in China and Europe, followed by production at the Fremont factory in the US four months later. However, despite rumors and prototype sightings, the Model 3 Performance variant has yet to become available for order in any market.

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous: The Ultimate Performance EV Unveiled

Given that Giga Shanghai is ahead of Fremont in Model 3 production, it’s expected that the most powerful variant will debut in Europe before reaching US showrooms. Speculation arose last October when a leaked parts catalog hinted at a Ludicrous-badged rear end, potentially signaling a rebranding of the Performance variant.

Alternatively, Tesla might offer a Ludicrous version as a new trim level above the Model 3 Performance. This approach could allow for even more extreme aerodynamics and track-oriented performance enhancements while maintaining the simplicity of Tesla’s vehicle lineup.

Recent sightings in Valencia suggest that the successor to the Model 3 Performance could indeed be rebranded as the Model 3 Ludicrous. Desmond Wisley, a Tesla fan, captured footage of the Model 3 Ludicrous during a promo video shoot in Spain, showcasing visual upgrades such as aggressive front and rear spoilers, duck-tail spoiler, and distinctive red brake calipers.

The production-ready appearance of the Model 3 Ludicrous indicates an imminent commercial debut. If rumors hold, Tesla may open orders in China and Europe in March, with deliveries anticipated to begin in April or May.


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