Introducing the Game-Changing YZ500 Two-Stroke Project

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The YZ500 two-stroke stands poised as the potential game-changer Yamaha urgently needs in its lineup. Collaborating with BRC Racing in Canada, Yamaha, and several other key industry players, we’ve crafted what could be the quintessential machine.

In this week’s edition of 2-Stroke Tuesday, proudly presented by Decal Works, we unveil the culmination of our efforts – the fully realized project.

Beginning with a 2023 Yamaha YZ250 chassis as our canvas, we embarked on a transformational journey. Out went the stock 250cc powerplant, replaced with a potent 500cc engine courtesy of BRC Racing in Canada.

Introducing the Game-Changing YZ500 Two-Stroke Project
Introducing the Game-Changing YZ500 Two-Stroke Project (Credits: Dirt Bike Magazine)

But we didn’t stop there – the bike’s aesthetic underwent a dramatic overhaul. Outfitted with sleek all-black plastics from Acerbis, bespoke graphics by Backyard Designs, and an all-black seat cover from Seat Concepts, the visual impact was undeniable.

Complementing this, an Edge Wheelset from Dubya USA ensured both style and performance were top-notch.

Integral to the powerhouse, the custom pipe, tailored for the BRC Racing engine, seamlessly integrates into the kit.

Enhancing traction and control, we opted for Edge wheels from Dubya USA, encased in Mitas tires. For added grip, we incorporated aggressive IMS Products Core pegs, augmented by the robust FCP titanium mounting pins.

The beauty of the BRC engine lies in its effortless compatibility with the modern Yamaha YZ250 chassis – requiring minimal frame modifications. Ensuring a comfortable ride, we integrated a Seat Concepts gripper seat cover, opting for a sleek all-black variant to harmonize with our project’s aesthetic.

Though minor adjustments, such as relocating radiator hose mounting locations and adopting different hoses, were necessary, the overall fit was seamless. Adding to rider comfort and control, we installed an Xtrig ROCS triple clamp with PHDS handlebar mounts, effectively dampening vibrations.

Every inch of the YZ250 chassis is optimally utilized, accommodating the BRC engine with precision. With the meticulous build process concluded and studio photography completed, our focus now shifts to the track. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for our inaugural riding impressions as we put this powerhouse through its paces.


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