Gensol’s Upcoming 2-Seater E-Car Awarded The ARAI Approval

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Gensol's Upcoming 2-Seater E-Car Awarded The ARAI Approval
Gensol EV (Credits: LinkedIn)

Gensol Electric Vehicles (GEVPL), a subsidiary of Gensol Engineering, has achieved a significant milestone as it secures certification and approval from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) for its upcoming compact 2-seater electric car.

This approval clears the path for the official launch and sale of the EV in the Indian market. The ARAI certification process rigorously evaluates the vehicle’s performance, safety, and adherence to regulatory norms, marking the culmination of the vehicle homologation process.

Gensol Electric Vehicles Pvt Lmt
Gensol Electric Vehicles Factory In Pune (Credits: Gensol EV)

This thorough assessment involves testing the vehicle in both controlled laboratory environments and diverse terrain conditions. Anmol Singh Jaggi, Chairman and Managing Director of Gensol Engineering, expressed the company’s commitment to bringing its first made-in-India electric vehicle to market while ensuring full compliance with ARAI regulations.

Jaggi highlighted the company’s pride in developing a vehicle that meets the highest safety, quality, and performance standards, aligning with the certification requirements. Manufacturing of the electric car will take place at the company’s Chakan plant in Pune, boasting an annual production capacity of 30,000 units.

Distinguished from existing EV offerings in the Indian market, this compact 2-door, 2-seater electric vehicle will offer a range of features, including a moonroof, ample boot space, in-cabin driver assistance technology, a comprehensive technology stack, AI-driven cloud analytics, and an exceptionally intuitive user experience.


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