F1 Fantasy 2024: How to Play and Check Driver Prices in the Formula 1 Game

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F1 Fantasy 2024: Driver prices and how to play the Formula 1 game

Formula 1 is gearing up for 2024, marking the return of its beloved fantasy game where enthusiasts can manage their own racing team.

The game provides participants with the chance to construct and manage a team of drivers and constructors virtually, competing online and earning points based on their squad’s real-life performance.

F1 Fantasy 2024 registration is now open ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix scheduled from February 29 to March 2. Interested individuals can sign up for free via the official F1 app or website, both featuring a dedicated section for the game. To participate, users need to create an F1 account, a quick and straightforward process.

For those aiming to join F1 Fantasy for the season’s kickoff in Bahrain, team creation must be completed by 4 pm GMT on Friday, March 1, aligning with the commencement of qualifying as the race is on a Saturday due to Ramadan.

Though possible to start playing after the opening Grand Prix, joining later means forfeiting points from a weekend’s competition and potentially beginning at a disadvantage.

F1 Fantasy 2024: How to Play and Check Driver Prices in the Formula 1 Game
F1 Fantasy 2024: How to Play and Check Driver Prices in the Formula 1 Game (Credits: Motorsport)

Once registered, participants embark on team building. With a budget of $100 million, players must select five drivers and two constructors. Teams are not fixed for the entire season; participants are granted two free transfers before each Grand Prix to tweak their lineup if desired.

Unused free transfers do not accumulate and any additional transfers beyond the permitted limit incur a 10-point penalty. Prices of drivers and constructors fluctuate after each Grand Prix based on performance, adding a strategic element to team management.

Prior to each Grand Prix weekend, players assign a DRS Boost to one of their drivers, doubling their points tally for the round.

Players also have access to six special chips during the season: Autopilot, Extra DRS Boost, No Negative, Wildcard, Limitless, and Final Fix. Each chip can be used once per season, with only one selectable per race, offering various strategic advantages to boost points.

F1 Fantasy leagues enable players to compete against friends, family, or other participants, with league standings determined by points earned.

Scoring in F1 Fantasy is based on drivers’ and constructors’ performance throughout a Grand Prix weekend, with points awarded or deducted accordingly. Sprint weekends also offer scoring opportunities, adding excitement and complexity to the game.

Prices of drivers and constructors, influenced by performance, allow for team adjustments before each Grand Prix deadline. Prizes are awarded to top-scoring teams globally, including paddock club passes, champion club tickets, and vouchers for F1 Authentics merchandise.


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