F-150 Lightning Quality Concerns: Ford’s Response & MY24 Updates

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F-150 Lightning Quality Concerns: Ford's Response & MY24 Updates

Automotive News, in its report dated February 23, revealed that Ford Motor Company ceased shipments of the F-150 Lightning on February 9 due to a quality issue relating to the electrical connections of the zero-emission pickup truck’s headlights, as detailed by the Detroit Free Press.

Sam Fiorani, the vice president of global forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions, noted that Ford introduced a new part for the 2024 model year F-150 Lightning, but it seems that the headlight connector lacks proper sealing, resulting in flickering or shorted headlights.

F-150 Lightning Quality Concerns: Ford's Response & MY24 Updates

While a spokesperson for Ford declined to confirm or deny Sam’s information, the company, as one of the major players among Detroit’s Big Three automakers, deserves recognition for addressing quality-related concerns, as promised during the 68th Annual Meeting of Shareholders in 2023 by CEO Jim Farley.

Despite Farley’s emphasis on quality, Ford topped the NHTSA’s list of most recalled automakers in the US in 2023, with 58 distinct recalls affecting 6.1 million vehicles, albeit slightly less than Honda’s 6.3 million vehicles affected by 19 recalls.

The F-150 Lightning, derived from a combustion-engined truck platform, began series production for the 2022 model year, with three recalls issued for that year addressing various issues. The 2023 model year saw four safety recalls, highlighting ongoing quality concerns.

However, it’s essential to recognize that the F-150 Lightning represents Ford’s first mass-market electric truck, making some missteps unsurprising, especially considering the limited production and experimental nature of earlier electric vehicle endeavors like the Ranger EV of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In the transition to the 2024 model year, pricing adjustments were made, with certain trim levels of the F-150 Lightning becoming both pricier and more affordable.

New grades, including the Flash and Platinum Black, were introduced for MY24, with the Flash offering a larger battery promising a range of 320 miles (515 kilometers) in the combined test cycle. The Platinum Black, priced at $97,995 excluding freight charge, represents an $8,000 premium over the Platinum trim.


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