Converted Military Vehicle: Bantha – Off-Road Adventure Home

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Converted Military Vehicle: Bantha – Off-Road Adventure Home

For many individuals living the camper van lifestyle, the appeal lies in venturing off-road and off-grid. However, if a camper van falls short of meeting one’s off-roading requirements, an alternative option might be a 6×6 military vehicle. Today, I’ll introduce you to one such vehicle that serves as a permanent mobile home for a couple.

Converted Military Vehicle: Bantha – Off-Road Adventure Home

These military vehicles offer significant advantages such as ample space, robust off-road capabilities, and durability. It’s no wonder that an increasing number of people are investing in decommissioned military vehicles to convert them into tiny homes, resulting in a recent surge in prices for these rigs.

Let’s meet Krystal and Zach, the proud owners of “Bantha,” a converted 1997 Stewart and Stevenson M1087 FMTV. They acquired the base vehicle for $30,000 (€27,707), which already featured a box with two slide-outs installed, albeit empty inside.

Over two years, Krystal and Zach undertook the conversion process, including manually operated slide-outs.

Powered by a 6.6-liter CAT 3116 turbocharged diesel engine mated to an Allison automatic transmission, Bantha can generate a maximum of 350 hp at 2,800 RPM.

When folded, it measures 8 feet (2.4 meters) and extends to 14 feet (almost 4.3 meters) with the slide-outs deployed. Sporting camo paint, it maintains a military aesthetic, adding to its charm.

Externally, Bantha boasts multiple storage compartments, a 55-gallon (108-liter) fuel tank, propane canisters, an air brake system with air tanks, and a mini-split system. Equipped with 37-inch Goodyear MV/T tires and a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS), it adapts to various road and weather conditions seamlessly.

Inside, the driver’s cabin received insulation to mitigate engine noise, along with a backup camera for added convenience. Accessing the vehicle can be done through multiple points, with the main entrance being at the rear, accessed via a ladder due to its elevated position.

Step inside, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the spacious interior, particularly when the slide-outs are deployed, offering approximately 210 square feet (19.5 square meters) of living space.

The interior design, resembling an industrial kitchen, features stainless steel panels and a bright, open layout, fulfilling Krystal and Zach’s desire for a minimalist and uncluttered space.

Each section of Bantha’s interior serves a purpose. The bedroom houses a king-size bed mounted on an elevator platform, maximizing space utilization. Adjacent to the bed is a large TV, situated above utility systems such as the 24V power system with a 3,000 W Victron inverter/charger and a hydronic heating system.

Moving to the kitchen area, you’ll find a functional workspace with drawers, cabinets, and a two-burner induction stove. Opposite the kitchen lies the shower, designed with sliding doors and adjacent to an industrial-sized sink equipped with a water filter.

Bantha also features a bathroom with a cassette toilet and storage cabinets, completing its self-contained living quarters. Overall, Bantha’s conversion exemplifies ingenuity, offering a harmonious blend of functionality, comfort, and industrial aesthetics.

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