RB’s Hopeful Start in Bahrain Qualifying Leaves Ricciardo Disappointed

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Ricciardo “grumpy” after messy Bahrain F1 qualifying

RB was anticipated to emerge as one of the unexpected contenders in the 2024 season, building on its strong finish in 2023 when it operated under the AlphaTauri banner.

Despite Daniel Ricciardo’s attempts to downplay the anticipation surrounding his rebranded team ahead of the Sakhir event, RB showcased its potential by becoming a contender in Q3, with Yuki Tsunoda and Ricciardo qualifying in 11th and 14th positions respectively.

Tsunoda, in particular, had reason to feel frustrated after narrowly missing out on advancing by a mere 0.007 seconds. Ricciardo, who trailed by 1.5 tenths behind the top 10, confessed that he didn’t extract the maximum performance from the VCARB 01.

Expressing his disappointment, Ricciardo admitted, “I’m disappointed I didn’t deliver because that’s what qualifying is all about. You’re supposed to deliver when it matters, so I’m a bit annoyed with myself.”

RB's Hopeful Start in Bahrain Qualifying Leaves Ricciardo Disappointed
RB’s Hopeful Start in Bahrain Qualifying Leaves Ricciardo Disappointed (Credits: Planet F1)

“I didn’t drive terribly or anything, but I never felt like I nailed a clean lap,” he continued. “There were always sections on the track where I knew there was time to be gained, but I couldn’t string it all together. Even if I improved in one section, I’d probably lose time in the next.”

“However, with Yuki in 11th, we felt that if we could execute a great lap, Q3 was within reach. Otherwise, we’re likely in the top 12 range, so that’s where we stand for now.”

Despite the setback, Ricciardo remains optimistic about his and Tsunoda’s chances to break into the top 10 during the race, given the intensely competitive battle for lower points positions.

“Yeah, I definitely believe we can do it,” the 34-year-old affirmed. “The competition is tight, so there’s a lot at stake.”

“If we can just find that extra edge during the race to manage the tires better, we can certainly fight for points,” he added. “Our performance in the long runs wasn’t too shabby, so there’s reason to hope that we can work our way up the field.”

“And it’s the first race of the season, anything can happen. Some of the competitors ahead might encounter unexpected challenges…”

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