Changan Hunter: Extended-Range Pickup Innovation Unveiled

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Changan Hunter Extended-Range Pickup Innovation Unveiled

Introducing the Changan Hunter, touted as the world’s first extended-range pickup by Chinese automaker Changan. Unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023, this innovative model promises an impressive driving range of up to 1,031 kilometers (640 miles), thanks to its extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) setup.

The Changan Hunter is an efficient and versatile vehicle with a 2.0-liter engine and a single or twin electric motor layout. Single-motor models provide 174 horsepower to the back wheels, and all-wheel-drive models put 94 more horsepower up front in addition to the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine’s 188 horsepower.

Changan Hunter Extended-Range Pickup Innovation Unveiled

Equipped with a 31.18-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack, the Hunter achieves an electric range of 112 miles (180 kilometers) and an extended range of 641 miles (1,031 kilometers).

Available in standard and extended-length variants, it offers ample cargo space and rugged capability, with a load capacity of 1,089 pounds (495 kilograms) and off-road angles of 29 degrees for approach and 27 degrees for departure.

Inside, the Hunter boasts modern amenities, including a dual-screen interface integrating a 7.5-inch instrument cluster and a 12-inch touchscreen, leather-appointed seats, wireless phone charging, and over-the-air upgrade capability.

With prices starting at 139,900 yuan ($19,700) for the base model, the Changan Hunter offers a compelling value proposition for consumers seeking an efficient and capable pickup truck.


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