RB Team Contemplates Strategy to Avert Tsunoda/Ricciardo Bahrain F1 ‘Mess’

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RB: Tsunoda/Ricciardo Bahrain F1 “mess” could have been avoided via strategy

The Italian team entered the race with the anticipation that Ricciardo might have an advantage with newer soft tires toward the end, possibly placing him behind Tsunoda, who was on harder tires.

As expected, this scenario unfolded, with Tsunoda expressing frustration when asked to yield to Ricciardo to attempt to pass Magnussen ahead.

Despite their efforts, Ricciardo couldn’t advance further, resulting in a 13th and 14th finish, with Ricciardo still leading Tsunoda.

Team Principal Bayer noted that they saw an opportunity for points following an early collision between Hulkenberg and Stroll. However, he acknowledged they could have handled the situation better.

RB Team Contemplates Strategy to Avert Tsunoda/Ricciardo Bahrain F1 'Mess'
RB Team Contemplates Strategy to Avert Tsunoda/Ricciardo Bahrain F1 ‘Mess’ (Credits: Autosport)

“We identified an opening with Stroll and Hulkenberg. Had we executed flawlessly, there was a chance to reach P10. We should have focused on Stroll, covering him on lap 29. This would have avoided the scuffle with Magnussen and the internal mess,” Bayer explained.

Regarding team orders, Bayer mentioned they discussed it with Tsunoda, advising him to overtake Magnussen within two laps. When Tsunoda couldn’t, they opted for a swap.

While acknowledging Tsunoda’s initial hesitation to yield, Bayer emphasized the need to make decisions based on data, despite emotional drivers like Tsunoda.

Despite promising testing in Bahrain, the team couldn’t realize their top 10 potential over the race weekend, although Tsunoda secured an encouraging 11th place in qualifying.

With no significant upgrades expected in upcoming races, Bayer emphasized fine-tuning the current car setup. Tsunoda’s satisfaction with the car balance contrasts with Ricciardo’s desire for more front-end grip, which they managed to address for him during the final stint.

Looking ahead, Bayer is optimistic about their competitiveness in future races, especially given the narrow margins seen in qualifying. Excluding Verstappen, he anticipates an exciting season ahead.

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