1967 Riviera: Salvage Potential Amidst Rust & Restoration

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1967 Riviera Salvage Potential Amidst Rust & Restoration

Discovering abandoned vehicles can evoke a sense of melancholy, particularly when they belong to rare models deserving of a place in enthusiasts’ garages.

One such example is the 1967 Riviera, which, despite not being regarded as a collector’s item, remains a rarity with Buick producing only 42,799 units for that model year.

Neglected and left to deteriorate in a backyard, the Riviera has now found its way online, courtesy of eBay seller Octanevalley, in hopes of finding a new custodian willing to undertake its complete restoration.

1967 Riviera Salvage Potential Amidst Rust & Restoration

However, rejuvenating this vehicle presents considerable challenges. The Riviera appears to be a rough candidate for restoration, especially evident in its dilapidated interior, where the seats are in disrepair.

While it wouldn’t be surprising if this Riviera were repurposed as a donor for another project, the owner maintains it’s still salvageable.

Although the body was poised for refurbishment, the decision was made to leave the car untouched, parked in the same spot for nearly five years. The metalwork remains rough, displaying signs of previous accidents and sporadic rust. A patch on the driver’s floor indicates urgent attention is required for the undercarriage.

Details regarding the powertrain are scarce, save for a tantalizing hint suggesting the engine was operational before the car was abandoned under the open sky. 1967 witnessed the introduction of a new engine, with Buick unveiling the 430 to replace the outdated 425 Nailhead, boosting power output to 360 horsepower.

The Riviera received various upgrades, including optional Bendix four-piston calipers on the front wheels, parking lights, and enhanced safety features to meet federal regulations. Sales figures for the Riviera in 1967 remained consistent with the preceding year, totaling 42,799 units, before increasing in 1968 to 49,284 cars.

Reviving this Riviera necessitates extensive restoration efforts, a reality that dampens prospects for profitability. Requiring urgent attention across critical areas, the car’s interior condition is particularly concerning for prospective restorers.

Listed on eBay with a $2,500 price tag, the Riviera’s appeal may be limited due to its status as a less sought-after classic.

Nevertheless, with the “Make Offer” option enabled, enthusiasts seeking a restoration project or spare parts may find value in this Riviera. Interested parties must act swiftly, as 76 individuals are already monitoring the listing for this vehicle in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

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