Alfa Romeo’s Resurgence: From Giulia to Milano Subcompact SUV

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Alfa Romeo's Resurgence From Giulia to Milano Subcompact SUV

Not too long ago, Alfa Romeo languished as just another marque under Stellantis, seemingly a mere shadow of its illustrious past. Fortunately, this narrative has swiftly transformed.

Initially represented solely by the Giulia executive sedan and Stelvio crossover SUV, Alfa Romeo resembled one-trick ponies akin to Abarth, Lancia, or Chrysler under the Stellantis umbrella.

However, Stellantis pledged to overhaul this scenario for the better, and indeed, transformation has ensued. Today, we witness not only refreshed iterations of the Giulia and Stelvio but also the introduction of the Tonale compact crossover SUV, available as a plug-in hybrid. Moreover, Alfa Romeo is poised to introduce a flagship supercar—the limited-edition ICE-powered 33 Stradale EV.

Alfa Romeo's Resurgence From Giulia to Milano Subcompact SUV

Of course, the latter remains largely conceptual, thus it’s prudent for Alfa Romeo to hedge its growth strategies at the entry level of its lineup.

Fortunately, executing this strategy is more than mere rhetoric, as the company is set to unveil a new subcompact crossover SUV, slated to serve as the direct successor to the MiTo supermini, underlining Alfa Romeo’s commitment to diversifying its offerings. Indeed, the upcoming Alfa Romeo Milano is scheduled to debut on April 10, 2024.

This strategic move isn’t groundbreaking in terms of originality; rather, it’s emblematic of Stellantis’ pursuit of significant economies of scale. The Alfa Romeo Milano shares its platform with the Peugeot 2008, Jeep Avenger, Opel Mokka, Fiat 600, and DS 3 Crossback, including their electric-only counterparts.

Consequently, it represents Alfa Romeo’s maiden foray into electric mobility—a departure from prior announcements teasing a 1,000-hp second-generation Giulia aimed at rivaling the formidable Tesla Model S Plaid.

While the latter aspiration may yet materialize, Alfa Romeo could potentially expand its electric vehicle (EV) portfolio to encompass a successor for the Stelvio crossover SUV.

Such prospects, however, hinge on uncertain factors, particularly amid speculations within the automotive realm regarding a potential slowdown in EV adoption.

Nonetheless, within the imaginative sphere of digital automotive content creators, the prospective 2027 Alfa Romeo Fiorella—an all-electric model—graces the virtual stage, making its official debut across ‘Dreamland.’

Credit for this feat goes to Giorgi Tedoradze, the Georgia-based industrial designer known as Tedoradze. Giorgi on social media, who envisions a sustainable Alfa Romeo for the near future.

This isn’t Tedoradze’s first foray into Italian automotive projects; previous endeavors include a mid-size Alfa Romeo 6C concept and a two-door Vespa 300 envisioned to rival Smart’s place in the microcar segment.

Regrettably, akin to many design concepts, the 2027 Alfa Romeo Fiorella EV idea lacks accompanying descriptive details, thereby relegating any speculation regarding its potential status as a Stelvio CUV successor.

As such, it’s prudent to approach all renderings with a measure of skepticism, given the absence of official confirmation from the esteemed Italian automaker, which may likely delay announcements concerning a second EV in its lineup.

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