Tesla Cybertruck Snow Adventure: Trials and Transformations

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Tesla Cybertruck Snow Adventure Trials and Transformations

The saga of the Tesla Cybertruck unfolds as it encounters another test: navigating through snowy terrain. However, what was anticipated as an exhilarating adventure turns into a series of failures.

The HeavyDSparks team rendezvous with Supercar Ron to procure his Tesla Cybertruck, heeding his warnings about its limited mileage, continuous need for charging, and missing wheel hubs—a detail inconsequential for their plan to equip it with tracks.

Supercar Ron shrouded in anonymity behind various masks, had initially extended an open invitation to the team, granting them full access to his Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Snow Adventure Trials and Transformations

This Cybertruck, a Foundation Series model, represents Tesla’s sole offering since November 30. Fitted with three electric motors boasting 845 horsepower and an impressive 10,296 pound-feet of torque, it touts a remarkable 11,000-pound towing capacity.

Intending to outfit the Cybertruck with tracks, the team embarks on a journey of modifications, incorporating BajaDesign lights into the front bumper and roof.

A custom front bumper necessitates the removal of certain components to accommodate the tracks, which demand more clearance than the stock 20-inch Cyber wheels with 35-inch tires. A custom wrap adds the finishing touch to the transformation.

After hours of meticulous adjustments, the Cybertruck is loaded onto a trailer and transported to its snowy playground for what should have been an exhilarating excursion.

However, disaster strikes mere moments into the drive as the upper control arm inexplicably folds, leaving the team puzzled as they had encountered no obstacles. An immediate return to the workshop is imperative for repairs.

Rectifying the issue involves reinforcing the structure through additional cutting and welding. With strengthened control arms and coil-over shocks installed at the front, the Cybertruck is poised for another attempt at conquering the snow, free from suspension concerns.

However, another setback ensues as a crucial bolt meant to secure the tire rod to the steering rack snaps, causing misalignment and halting progress.

Subsequent repairs involve fortifying the entire steering system, disabling the air suspension, and installing a new suspension system devoid of height adjustment capabilities, preparing the Cybertruck for its third foray into the snow.

Initially promising, the subsequent outing is fraught with challenges as the wheel spindle fractures in half. Despite factory parts succumbing to the strain, the team takes pride in the durability of their modifications.

In a race against time, they improvise a temporary fix to transport the Cybertruck off the mountain and onto a trailer for further repairs before returning it to its owner, Supercar Ron, if he desires its return.

If recent headlines are any indication, Supercar Ron’s Cybertruck had its moment of notoriety when footage surfaced featuring a driver wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset purportedly engaging the FSD Beta.

However, despite the Cybertruck’s FSD capability, it remains unavailable, rendering the situation perilous. The scene was further embellished with a staged arrest involving a faux law enforcement officer, adding to the spectacle.

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