Muscle Car Faceoff: Dodge Charger Vs Dodge Charger Daytona

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Muscle Car Faceoff Dodge Charger Vs Dodge Charger Daytona
Muscle Car Faceoff Dodge Charger Vs Dodge Charger Daytona

The storied Dodge Charger, an icon of muscle car history, recently bid farewell to its roaring Hemi V-8 engines, leaving Mopar enthusiasts nostalgic. However, the Charger is back, reimagined and electrified, heralding the arrival of the 2024 Charger Daytona.

Built on Stellantis’s modular STLA Large platform, this model marks a significant departure from tradition, boasting electric powertrains and all-wheel-drive performance.

Comparing Their Powertrains

Gone are the thunderous V-8 engines of the past, replaced by a revolutionary electric powertrain. The Charger Daytona features a 400-volt electrical architecture and a robust battery with 93.9 kWh of usable capacity.

Equipped with dual electric motors, one at each axle, the Charger Daytona delivers standard all-wheel-drive capability.

The R/T variant offers up to 496 horsepower and 404 pound-feet of torque, while the Scat Pack impresses with a staggering 670 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque, including a 15-second “Power Shot” function for additional bursts of power.

A White 2023 Dodge Charger
A White 2023 Dodge Charger (Credits: Dodge)

Comparing Their Efficiency & Performance

Thanks to its electric powertrain, the Charger Daytona achieves remarkable performance figures. With estimated acceleration times of 4.7 seconds for the R/T and a blistering 3.3 seconds for the Scat Pack, these electric chargers outpace their gas-powered predecessors.

Moreover, Dodge anticipates impressive EPA-rated ranges of 317 miles for the R/T and 260 miles for the Scat Pack, showcasing the efficiency of electric propulsion.

Their Dimensions & Design Refinement

The Charger Daytona’s dimensions have grown to accommodate its electrified components, offering increased practicality and storage space. A sleek exterior design, reminiscent of the Charger Daytona concept, features illuminated Fratzog logos and aerodynamic enhancements.

Inside, a modernized cabin welcomes occupants with a digital dash, customizable ambient lighting, and a distinctive pistol-grip gear selector.

A Black 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona
A Black 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona (Credits: Dodge)

Comparing Their Pricing

While electrification represents a significant technological advancement, it may come with a higher price tag.

Although exact pricing details are yet to be revealed, expectations suggest that the 2024 Charger Daytona R/T and Scat Pack variants could command prices closer to $60,000 and $70,000, respectively.

However, Dodge assures fans that budget-friendly gasoline-powered models, equipped with the potent Hurricane twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engines, will debut in 2025.

As Dodge pioneers the electrification of its legendary Charger, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this iconic muscle car’s evolution.

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