Tesla Cybertruck Incident: Crash Details and Rumors

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Tesla Cybertruck Incident Crash Details and Rumors

Another incident involving a Tesla Cybertruck has occurred, marking the second reported crash involving this unique vehicle.

Allegedly, a valet mistakenly accelerated instead of braking, resulting in a collision with a raised cement curb and palm trees outside a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills. Notably, the Cybertruck was intended for use by Justin Bieber.

Videos circulating on social media depict the aftermath of the crash, with the front axle perched on a curb while the rear remains on the ground. Initially, speculation pointed to a hotel valet as the driver, but this was later clarified as a jest, debunked by the original source.

Tesla Cybertruck Incident Crash Details and Rumors

The incident, occurring around 2 AM near Sunset Boulevard, sparked online chatter, later revealed to be a misunderstanding. Despite the crash, Justin Bieber was not involved in the incident.

This marks the second reported Cybertruck crash, following a previous incident involving a collision with a Toyota Corolla in December 2023. The consequences of this latest crash remain under investigation, highlighting the unique challenges associated with driving unconventional vehicles like the Cybertruck.


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