European Restomods: Reviving Classics with Tolman Engineering

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European Restomods Reviving Classics with Tolman Engineering

When people typically think about restomods, they usually picture American muscle cars with their hefty engines replaced by more modern and easier-to-manage counterparts. However, Europeans have their own unique approach to this craft, exemplified by the latest creation from Tolman Engineering in Warwickshire, England.

Tolman Engineering is renowned for restoring vintage European sports cars like the Lotus Elite and Peugeot 205 GTI to their former glory.

However, they also take on modern machines such as the Ferrari 458 and Triumph Daytona racing bikes. With their expertise, they’ve breathed new life into a classic 1981 Ford Escort XR3, a European counterpart to the iconic American muscle car.

European Restomods Reviving Classics with Tolman Engineering

Originally designed as Ford’s response to the Volkswagen Golf GTI, the Escort XR3 boasted a 1600cc four-cylinder engine, offering impressive speed. Sadly, many XR3s fell victim to neglect or extensive modifications.

However, Tolman Engineering’s meticulous restoration process, spanning 18 months and countless hours sourcing rare parts, has transformed this XR3 into one of the most comprehensive restorations in the UK.

Chris Tolman, the driving force behind Tolman Engineering, expressed his satisfaction with their work, emphasizing their dedication to preserving the original factory specifications. The team’s relentless pursuit of authenticity and attention to detail has truly paid off, making this Escort XR3 a standout example of its craftsmanship.

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