Audi’s 2024.5 Q4 55 e-tron: Enhanced Performance and Range

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Audi's 2024.5 Q4 55 e-tron Enhanced Performance and Range

Last fall, Audi introduced the 2024.5 Q4 55 e-tron, touting it as faster, more powerful, and boasting an enhanced driving range. Now, the model has officially hit the market nationwide.

Taking the reins from the 50 e-tron in both SUV and Coupe (Sportback) body styles, the new Audi Q4 55 e-tron offers an additional 40 hp (41 ps/30 kW), reaching a maximum of 335 hp (340 ps/250 kW).

Retaining its all-wheel drive setup, the vehicle shaves off eight-tenths of a second in its acceleration to 60 mph (97 kph), clocking in at 5.0 seconds compared to its predecessor’s 5.8 seconds. Its top speed remains capped at 99 mph (160 kph).

Audi’s engineers have refined the cell chemistry of the 77 kWh (net-82 kWh gross) lithium-ion battery, enabling it to charge at up to 175 kW, an improvement from the Q4 50 e-tron’s 150 kW.

Reaching a 10 to 80 percent charge now takes approximately 28 minutes, while a full charge from 0 to 100% takes around 12 hours at 11 kW. The EPA-estimated driving range has been upped to 258 miles (415 km) on the newer models, an increase of 22 miles (35 km).

Beyond enhancing the driving range and performance, Audi has also fine-tuned the chassis, boasting improved suspension for better comfort, dynamic driving, and stability.

The German manufacturer highlights harmonious damping, enhanced steering response, and tighter load control resulting from the new suspension tuning and steering adjustments.

Completing the makeover is a revamped wheel package, including optional 21-inch alloys with 235/45 front and 255/40 rear all-season tires, along with 20- and 19-inch sets.

The new Q4 55 e-tron (SUV) starts at $55,200 in the Premium trim level, offering features like an S line exterior, an Audi smartphone interface with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a digital gauge cluster, and adaptive cruise control, among others.

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