James Bond’s Iconic Jaguar C-X75 Set to Roam the Streets

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Finally James Bond’s Jaguar C-X75 Will Hit The Road

The journey of the Jaguar C-X75 has been nothing short of tumultuous. It burst onto the scene in 2010 as a concept car, embodying the essence of a supercar to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the esteemed British brand.

Aptly named, it hinted at a promising future. Yet, perhaps it was too ahead of its time with its innovative plug-in hybrid engine, coupled with electric motors driven by microturbines, boasting a formidable 780 horsepower. Despite initial excitement, the project faltered in 2013, even after considering a turbocharged petrol engine.

However, the Jaguar C-X75 wasn’t ready to fade into obscurity. It found a new lease on life in the cinematic realm, featuring prominently in the James Bond film “Spectre,” alongside Daniel Craig.

This second act breathed fresh vitality into the model, albeit briefly. However, the story doesn’t end there. Recently, Ian Callum, the visionary designer behind the C-X75, revealed that a road-worthy version has been given the green light.

Transitioning from reel to reality, the resurrection of the Jaguar C-X75 begs the question: how did this iconic vehicle, nearly 15 years since its inception and almost a decade after its cinematic debut, reemerge in such a remarkable fashion?

James Bond's Iconic Jaguar C-X75 Set to Roam the Streets
James Bond’s Iconic Jaguar C-X75 Set to Roam the Streets (Credits: Robb Report)

The answer lies in the preservation of four out of the five copies used in the film’s exhilarating chase sequence through the streets of Rome, where 007, in his Aston Martin DB10, is pursued by Mr. Hinx.

These surviving specimens, preserved as museum artifacts, were barred from regular road use. However, one fortunate owner reached out to the Callum company, spearheaded by Ian Callum himself, the original architect of the C-X75.

Originally crafted by Williams Advanced Engineering, the C-X75 featured in “Spectre” underwent substantial modifications to comply with road regulations.

Replacing the initial plug-in hybrid setup with a Jaguar supercharged 5-liter V8 engine mounted on a tubular chassis with rally-derived suspension, the vehicle required extensive enhancements for roadworthiness.

Callum’s engineering team meticulously implemented approximately a hundred improvements, including quieter exhaust systems, added catalytic converters, real mirrors to replace foam ones, and upgraded bodywork with refined paint applications and panel fits.

The result? A Jaguar C-X75 is poised to grace the streets, mirroring its cinematic counterpart while adhering to regulatory standards.

Scheduled to make its public debut on April 21, 2024, at the Bicester Heritage event, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate encountering this iconic vehicle in the flesh. Who knows? Perhaps one day, you might cross paths with this legendary automotive marvel on the open road.

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