Bentley Honors Inspirational Women with Special Bentaygas

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Bentley Honors Inspirational Women with Special Bentaygas

Within the history of Bentley, alongside the Bentley Boys, are the lesser-known Bentley Girls. These three extraordinary women inspired the creation of three special Bentley Bentaygas, each commemorating their unique contributions.

Emma Carruthers and Georgia Gough designed and ordered the Bentaygas come in S, Azure, and Extended Wheelbase (EWB) versions, representing the three variants available to Bentley customers worldwide.

These bespoke Bentaygas pay tribute to Mary Petre Bruce, Dorothy Paget, and Diana Barnato Walker, whose remarkable achievements significantly impacted Bentley’s legacy.

Bentley Honors Inspirational Women with Special Bentaygas

Karen Lange, a Bentley board member, described these Bentaygas as an homage to the “lives of the Bentley Girls,” emphasizing their remarkable contributions.

The Bentayga S honors Diana Barnato Walker, daughter of Le Mans winner Woolf Barnato, who played a vital role during World War II. Finished in Smoke Green with a green and saddle interior, it features special accents reminiscent of the Spitfire aircraft.

The Bentayga EWB pays tribute to Dorothy Paget, who supported Bentley Boy Sir Tim Birkin’s racing endeavors. Its Blower Green exterior and interior design evoke the spirit of the Blower Team Car No. 2, with additional details inspired by Paget’s influence.

Finally, the Bentayga Azure celebrates Mary Petre Bruce’s record-breaking achievements, featuring Parson Green pearlescent paint and pearl-themed interior details.

These one-off Bentaygas serve as a reminder of the remarkable legacy of the Bentley Girls and their invaluable contributions to automotive history. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s honor the special women in our lives, acknowledging their achievements and influence.

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