Ford’s Versatile Vans: The Ultimate Camping Companion

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Ford's Versatile Vans The Ultimate Camping Companion

Ford’s plug-in hybrid Transit and Tourneo Custom mid-sized vans have earned acclaim for their versatility, catering to both business and family needs.

With the new generation introduced in 2023, camping outfitters wasted no time in crafting fresh campervans for the 2024 season, leveraging the enhanced platform for innovative solutions.

Ford's Versatile Vans The Ultimate Camping Companion

Vanexxt, a German camper shop, unveiled its latest camping solution based on the Ford Tourneo Custom V710, embodying the ethos of flexibility and individualization.

Presented at the CMT trade fair, Vanexxt’s V710 stands out for its modular construction, offering seamless adaptation to various lifestyles. Equipped with ground-mounted rails and modular blocks, the V710 redefines versatility, seamlessly transitioning from a practical utility vehicle to a camping haven or even a transporter for recreational gear.

Offered in two variants, Level 1 and Level 2, the V710 caters to diverse preferences, with optional upgrades enhancing comfort and convenience.

With a multitude of configurable options, including seating arrangements and modular modules, customers can tailor the V710 to suit their specific needs, ensuring unparalleled flexibility for any adventure.


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