Audi: Three Years without Major Updates

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Audi Has Gone Three Years Without Any Real Big News

Since Q4, Audi has been relatively quiet on the market front, but the upcoming months signal a flurry of activity. Could this be the resurgence of the iconic brand?

The latest email alert from Audi in our inbox revolved around the Q2, featuring an updated infotainment system. This indicates a period of tranquility from Ingolstadt, as major launches have been absent since the close of 2021.

This was marked by the introduction of the Q4 e-tron, a compact SUV symbolizing Audi’s venture into electric territory. However, sales in Europe have been modest thus far. Besides the Q4, Audi has mainly focused on facelifts and enhancements to existing models.

In the rapidly evolving automotive landscape, three years can feel like an eternity as the demand for constant innovation intensifies. Automotive leaders are urging their teams to hasten the pace of vehicle development and production cycle. Did Audi miss the memo? Not entirely.

Audi (Credits: J.D. Power)

The significant setback for Audi stemmed from a nearly two-year delay in the Q6 e-tron, attributed to internal challenges within the Volkswagen group concerning platform and software development. Consequently, Audi found itself in a lull, but this phase is about to be eclipsed by a wave of fresh products.

Audi has opted to restructure its lineup, assigning even numbers to electrified models and odd numbers to conventional ones.

The Audi A4 will transition to the A5 to accommodate the forthcoming A4 e-tron, slated for debut in 2026, poised to compete with the likes of the Mercedes EQA sedan and BMW Neue Klasse.

The current Q8 will assume the mantle of the Q7 Sportback, while the Q7 will undergo a facelift to endure until 2026, alongside the A3, set for its customary mid-term update. Additionally, the A6 will be rebranded as the A7 in 2025, featuring Sportback and Avant variants.

However, the headline news revolves around the all-new “6” range, featuring the A6 e-tron Avant and Sportback, accompanied by the Q6 e-tron. These models will be underpinned by the PPE platform, a collaborative effort with Porsche, which has already integrated it into the groundbreaking electric Macan.

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