Custom Bentaygas Pay Tribute to the Iconic ‘Bentley Girls’ of the 1920s

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Bentley has revealed three unique Bentayga SUVs paying homage to the illustrious ‘Bentley Girls’ of the 1920s: Mary Petre Bruce, Dorothy Paget, and Diana Barnato.

Crafted in celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, these bespoke luxury vehicles were conceived and commissioned by Georgia Gough and Emma Carruthers with a vision to encapsulate the essence of Bruce, Paget, and Barnato, reflecting their extraordinary lifestyles.

“These iconic women played pivotal roles in Bentley’s heritage, and it’s paramount to recognize their contributions,” remarked Karen Lange, Bentley’s Member of the Board for Human Resources. “As we continually strive to broaden the ‘Bentley Family,’ it’s essential to honor those who have shaped the brand’s identity.”

Inspired by Mary Petre Bruce’s endurance feat driving a Bentley 4½ Litre for 24 consecutive hours, the Bentayga Azure exudes elegance with Parson Green Pearlescent Paint adorning its exterior.

Paying homage to Bruce’s unwavering determination, the interior features 24-karat gold organ stops and tasteful Mother of Pearl crossbanded veneer, reflecting her iconic quote: “I was never keen on overalls or slacks, but always drove in a blouse, tailored skirt, and a string of pearls.”

Custom Bentaygas Pay Tribute to the Iconic 'Bentley Girls' of the 1920s

Known for her passion for speed and the iconic Blower Bentley, Dorothy Paget’s legacy is honored with the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Mulliner painted in Blower Green.

The interior boasts Cumbrian green leather upholstery, reminiscent of Paget’s beloved racer. Details include painted nickel veneer carriers and self-leveling wheel accent bezels, complemented by engine-spun aluminum decorative inlays, evoking the Blower’s distinctive dashboard.

With a heritage deeply intertwined with aviation, Diana Barnato’s love for speed and flight inspired the design of the Bentayga S.

Finished in Smoke Green paintwork, the interior features green/saddle upholstery, subtly paying homage to the Spitfire Mk9. The iconic Spitfire emblem adorns the D pillar, adding a touch of sophistication to the bespoke design.

These one-of-a-kind Bentayga creations join Bentley’s lineup of special editions, reflecting the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and heritage, exemplified by recent releases such as the two-tone EWB and the Mulliner Bentayga honoring a war hero.

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