American Buyers Now Able to Receive Delivery of Lotus Emira Sports Cars

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American Buyers Now Able to Receive Delivery of Lotus Emira Sports Cars

Following a prolonged anticipation, customers of Lotus Emira in the United States can now rejoice as their British sports cars are finally set for delivery. The delay stemmed from the awaited emissions certification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), a hurdle that has now been overcome with the recent certification of the Emira V6.

Highlighted by eagle-eyed users of the LotusTalk forum, this development marks a significant milestone for the Norfolk-based marque, enabling deliveries to commence across all 50 states.

While only 14 states adhere to CARB regulations, Lotus had refrained from delivering customer Emiras to the remaining 36 states to ensure compliance with emissions regulations.

The media has reached out to Lotus for further insights, but the emissions certification was officially granted on February 29, 2024, as per the document.

Emira Encounters Multiple Setbacks

For eager customers who placed their orders as early as 2021, the journey to receive their Emiras has been riddled with delays. Apart from the emissions certification snag, Emira faced production challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

Brexit added another layer of complexity, prolonging the delivery of UK-spec models. External factors such as the Ukraine conflict and inflation further compounded the situation.

Initially slated for arrival between October and December 2023, the first batch of Emiras failed to materialize. Earlier this year, Lotus representatives reiterated that no cars could be released to customers until certification was secured across all 50 states, leaving many enthusiasts eagerly awaiting their vehicles stranded amidst bureaucratic hurdles.

American Buyers Now Able to Receive Delivery of Lotus Emira Sports Cars

Dealerships, bearing the brunt of increased floorplan expenses, were compensated by Lotus. Vanessa Meier, a spokesperson for the automaker, acknowledged the challenges, emphasizing ongoing efforts to address customer concerns and provide necessary information.

Implications of Further Delays

For Lotus, any prolonged delays could have had dire consequences, risking customer attrition to competitors like BMW and Porsche.

Powered by a Toyota-sourced 3.5-liter V6, the Emira, supercharged and tuned by Yamaha to deliver 400 horsepower, represents the brand’s final ICE-powered offering, evoking sentimental value among Lotus aficionados.

Anticipated to be succeeded by the rumored all-electric Type 135, the Emira holds a significant legacy as the epitome of Lotus’s heritage.

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