Rossmonster Unveils Baja Truck Camper: Off-Road Luxury & Versatility

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Rossmonster Unveils Baja Truck Camper Off-Road Luxury & Versatility

Rossmonster, a company based in Longmont, Colorado, specializes in creating high-quality products with a focus on aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail. Their rapid production cycle is evident from the frequency of new builds they unveil, with a new creation showcased every one to two weeks.

Their latest endeavor is the Baja Truck Camper, built upon a Ford F-350 Super Duty platform. What sets the Baja model apart is its unique feature: an actuating roof. This roof design not only provides additional space when stationary but also enhances stability during driving and off-road adventures by lowering the center of gravity.

Rossmonster Unveils Baja Truck Camper Off-Road Luxury & Versatility

As with all Rossmonster builds, the Baja Truck Camper boasts a custom fiberglass composite shell and a plethora of accessories. These include a custom Rossmonster bumper with Molle panels and a large storage box at the rear.

The camper features 600 W solar panels on the roof, a Buckstop bumper with an integrated LED light bar, and Maxtrax traction boards on the passenger side.

Customization options are abundant with Rossmonster builds, allowing customers to tailor their interior layout and features to their preferences.

The interior of the Baja Truck Camper features a U-shaped couch, a dinette table, and ample natural light through numerous windows. The lounge area can be converted into an extra bed for guests.

Underneath the couch, the camper houses the plumbing and power systems, including a 600 Ah lithium iron phosphate battery bank, a 3000 W inverter, and a 40-gallon freshwater tank. The kitchen area is split into two sides, offering spacious countertops, a stove, a fridge, a sink, and storage options.

The cab-over section serves as the main bedroom, equipped with overhead storage, reading lights, and access to the driver’s cabin through a pass-through door. Adjacent to the entrance is the wet bathroom featuring brushed aluminum walls, a stainless steel shower pan, and a composting toilet.

Overall, Rossmonster has crafted a well-equipped and versatile Baja Truck Camper designed for off-road and off-grid adventures, with customization options to suit individual preferences. While the exact price of this unit is undisclosed, similar models from Rossmonster typically range from $200,000 to $300,000 (€182,740 to €274,110).

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