Prospective Buyers Arrive in Mercedes-Maybach, Steal $600k Lamborghini Aventador During Test Drive

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Prospective Buyers Pulled Up In Mercedes-Maybach, Stole $600k Lamborghini Aventador During Test-drive

A shocking incident unfolded in Ontario, Canada, as a prospective buyer made off with a black Lamborghini Aventador sports car valued at $600,000 during a test drive.

The owner of the coveted Lamborghini Aventador, still reeling from the brazen theft, had advertised the high-performance vehicle for sale on Auto Trader. An agreement was made to meet on Tuesday in a parking lot for the test drive.

According to reports from the Waterloo Regional Police, the male suspect arrived at the designated location in a white Mercedes-Maybach, accompanied by other passengers.

Once granted permission to test-drive the Lamborghini, the suspect swiftly took advantage, closing the door and accelerating away with the luxurious sports car. The Mercedes-Maybach gave chase as the stolen Lamborghini sped towards Waterloo.

Lamborghini (Credits: Autojosh)

Describing the sequence of events, the Waterloo Regional Police Service’s ‘Break, Enter, and Vehicle Theft Team’ stated, “The male suspect arrived in the parking lot in a white Mercedes-Maybach with other individuals inside.

The suspect requested to take the Lamborghini for a test drive and was permitted to sit in the vehicle with the keys inside. The male suspect then closed the door and fled east towards Waterloo at a high rate of speed, followed by the Mercedes.”

The stolen car is believed to be the SVJ version of the Aventador, a model known for its staggering price tag of over $580,000 when it was in production. With its exceptional performance capabilities, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds and achieve a top speed of 350 km/h (218 mph).


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