Warda and Nicholson Win Again at the 2024 Glen Helen 6-Hour Race

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In the realm of endurance racing, RJ Warda and Tyler Nicholson have solidified their reputation as champions, securing yet another victory at the prestigious 2024 3 Bros 6-Hours of Glen Helen.

Their remarkable win adds another gleaming trophy to their collection, alongside previous triumphs in last year’s 24-hour and 6-hour races.

Despite facing relentless pressure from the formidable KTM team comprising Ryan Surratt, Justin Carnes, and Zach Wiley, Warda and Nicholson showcased their prowess and emerged victorious once again.

Notably, the third-place overall spot was claimed by the skilled duo of Mark Tilley and his 14-year-old son Jacob from the Dirt Bike Magazine team. Starting from the third row, they not only clinched victory in the family class but also demonstrated remarkable resilience throughout the race.

Warda and Nicholson Win Again at the 2024 Glen Helen 6-Hour Race
Warda and Nicholson Win Again at the 2024 Glen Helen 6-Hour Race (Credits: Dirt Bike Magazine)

Meanwhile, the Stoney Sock team, led by Carson Tryon, Travis LaValley, and Ian Burke, secured the fourth position overall, showcasing their dominance in the 250 Expert class aboard a 125 Husky.

Ryan Surratt’s impressive start from the AA line marked the beginning of an intense competition, setting the pace for an exhilarating race ahead.

The Ironman division saw an impressive turnout of 55 riders, with Gary Sutherlin of Fly Racing stealing the spotlight by pulling off a phenomenal holeshot from the last row. Maintaining his lead throughout the grueling race, Sutherlin’s remarkable performance earned him the title of the top Ironman, securing seventh place overall.

Among the notable contenders in the Ironman division were Joe Hargett, who showcased exceptional endurance by swapping batteries every two laps while riding an electric Surron Ultra Bee, and Jon Rice, who secured the third position aboard a Dirt Bike Magazine test bike.

The top mini team, comprised of Jeron Kunzweiler and Piper Carver, and the victorious Open Intermediate class team led by Luis Flores, added further excitement to the event.

Despite facing challenges, riders like Myron White, who garnered admiration for his daring ride on a 30-year-old KTM 550 in the Ironman class, and Jett Bushnell, one of the youngest participants in the Ironman division, embodied the spirit of endurance racing, showcasing determination and passion.

The 2024 3 Bros 6-Hours of Glen Helen witnessed thrilling displays of skill, determination, and resilience, with Warda and Nicholson emerging as the undeniable champions once again, etching their names in the annals of endurance racing history.


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