Rivian Revealed 2026 R2 Model Featuring Rooftop Tent Equipped with Movie Projector

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Recently introduced, the captivating Rivian R2 is set to captivate with its distinctive design, attractive pricing, and innovative features, including a movie projector nestled within an optional rooftop tent.

In a discussion with TechCrunch, Brian Gase, Senior Director of Special Projects and Prototypes at Rivian, confirmed that the more budget-friendly Rivian variant will indeed boast a movie projector within its ‘Treehouse’—Rivian’s term for the rooftop tent. This projector will draw power from one of the vehicle’s power sources.

The tent, housed in a sleek black ‘hardshell,’ unfolds into a compact rooftop shelter. Adjacent to the tent window, a roll-down screen for the projector is featured, serving as just one of the convenient amenities of the Treehouse. Additional enhancements include built-in lighting and an interior fan.

Rivian anticipates commencing deliveries of the R2 in the first half of 2026, during which time the company aims to refine the tent’s cost-effectiveness without compromising its quality.

Previously, the media has uncovered a Rivian patent for a mobile movie projector, suggesting the possibility of integrating this unique feature into larger models like the R1T and R1S, potentially within the Gear Tunnel.

Gase emphasized the challenge of balancing innovation with affordability, noting, “It’s about the cost because you can look at it and say ‘that’s awesome,’ but then you’re putting an expensive tent on a product that you’re trying to get to an introductory level price.”

With a targeted base MSRP of $45,000, aligning with the pricing of the Tesla Model Y, the R2 positions itself as a competitive option for buyers seeking adventure and capability. The inclusion of features like the Treehouse further reinforces this rugged and versatile image.

Rivian plans to introduce supplementary accessories tailored for outdoor enthusiasts, including a travel kitchen and a rear cargo box.

The remarkable affordability of the R2 has fueled substantial early interest, evident in the significant number of reservations received. CEO RJ Scaringe announced via X on March 8 that Rivian has already amassed nearly 70,000 reservations for the new SUV, showcasing its strong resonance within the community.

Interested buyers can secure their reservation with a $100 refundable fee, signaling robust demand for the R2.

For those seeking an even more accessible option, Rivian has revealed the compact R3 and R3X models, offering affordability without compromising on capability, although exact pricing details are yet to be confirmed.

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