January 23, 2021

2021 Ford Fusion: Comeback As A Crossover Wagon?

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2018 Ford Fusion

2018 Ford Fusion

In summer 2020, Ford made headlines for discontinuing their iconic sedan series Ford Fusion (also known as Mondeo in other markets) from the US market. Ford made this move to shift their focus more on their SUVs and crossovers lineups since the competition was growing. This was not just an end to the iconic car and its nameplate, but marking the end of an era for Ford’s sedans in general as models such as Fiesta, Focus, and Taurus were already dropped.

It looks like Ford is giving Fusion another chance. If we believe the recent leaks, a new Ford Fusion is in the works, called Ford Fusion Active. Today, we will be looking at these leaked images.

As we have said, we still can’t confirm that it’s the end of the line for the Fusion nameplate. If true, the alleged leaked images from cochespias on Instagram shows that The Fusion lineup is coming back. But this time, it won’t be a sedan, but a rugged, crossover version of the Fusion- The Ford Fusion Active. Though this vehicle is still wrapped in swirly camouflage, this is always our first look at the actual car.

Leaked Image of New Ford Fusion Wagon
Leaked Image of New Ford Fusion Wagon

When looking at the images provided, we could see that the Fusion Active will continue to carry the familiar Blue Oval fascia. But this time, this design language will also go along with a bit of heft. This somewhat looks like a station-wagon shape. We could also see narrow headlights, which gives it a vibe of futuristic looks. There is also a cutout, perfectly shaped for the blue oval logo of Ford to be placed. The grills are shaped to look similar to many other Ford’s.

Moving around the back of the car, we will be able to see a clear station-wagon profile. We could also see a small window aft at the C-pillar and a gently sloping towards the rear hatch. Unfortunately, we could not see more about the exterior, such as the model’s color and finish, since it is covered.

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We also got a chance to look into the upcoming Ford Fusion Active, thanks to the leaked images. Things get interesting as the photo reveals a massive horizontal screen, which spans across the fascia. This suggests that the interior will get many refreshing changes. That’s it for the leaks regarding the upcoming Ford Fusion Active. We need to wait for the next rumors to come out to know more about this upcoming crossover. Since this is still in its prototype period, the executives can always scrap this project or make massive changes to the current designs and features.

Leaked Image of New Ford Fusion Wagon

As we have mentioned before, we still don’t know if this model will ever be released to the public or not. If it does, we expect this model to be released by the end of 2021 or around early 2022. If it successfully makes it to the release stage (keeping hopes high), we can confirm that this model will be heavily marketed in the U.S. as an all-wheel-drive, lifted station wagon model. It is expected that Ford is planning the Ford Fusion Active Crossover as an answer to the popular Subaru Outback.

What are all your thoughts regarding the upcoming Ford Fusion Active? We will provide you with more updates regarding every update of the Fusion Active and every car once it comes out.

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