BMW’s Secretive EV Project: Quad-Motor Power Unleashed

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BMW's Secretive EV Project Quad-Motor Power Unleashed

With a staggering 1,341 horsepower in traditional units or 1,360 PS in metric horsepower, this upcoming BMW electric vehicle outpaces even the i4 M50.

It leaves behind competitors like the 738-horsepower XM Label and the plug-in hybrid M5 slated for the 2025 model year, although BMW maintains a veil of secrecy around this project.

However, BMW M’s electric marvel cannot evade the spotlight. Recently spied during testing near the Arctic Circle, this unnamed performance model boasts several stylistic enhancements.

Notable alterations from the original concept include a revised front splitter, carbon-fiber extensions on the front bumper sides, and a trunk lid spoiler aimed at bolstering stability at high speeds.

BMW's Secretive EV Project Quad-Motor Power Unleashed

The prototype, affectionately nicknamed Ashley, proudly showcases its name alongside the M logo on the oversized grille, positioning itself lower to the ground compared to the i4 M50 and M3 CS. Riding on 285/40 by 19-inch Michelin Pilot Alpin tires at the rear, it presents a formidable sight.

While the dual-motor i4 M50 relies on 255/45 R18 tires, and the 3.0L twin-turbo I6 M3 CS features standard 285/30 R20s, one question remains unanswered: why does BMW M test its all-electric flagship with CLAR underpinnings instead of a prototype built on the Neue Klasse platform?

Though the answer remains elusive, insiders suggest that BMW is already testing the iX3 Neue Klasse, which is to be joined by a sedan resembling the 3 Series. Given the close footprint resemblance between the Neue Klasse i3 and the CLAR M3 and i4 M50, it wouldn’t be surprising if Ashley incorporates elements of the Neue Klasse platform.

However, such speculation should be taken with caution, as BMW M’s quad-motor EV project remains shrouded in secrecy as of March 2024.

Nonetheless, enthusiasts of internal combustion engines can rest assured that the M3 won’t succumb to extinction, as reports indicate the arrival of a G50-derived M3 on the CLAR platform of the next-generation 3 Series, codenamed G84, slated for the 2027 model year.

In related developments, the rear-wheel-drive M4 CSL will give way to the all-wheel-drive M4 CS, expected in the latter half of 2024. Additionally, the new M4 CS will be joined by the M3 CS Touring in 2025.

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