BMW i7: Luxury Redefined in Electric Elegance

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BMW i7 Luxury Redefined in Electric Elegance

The epitome of Bavarian automotive luxury is embodied in the battery-electric 7 Series. This luxuriant cruiser seamlessly integrates the advantages of an all-electric powertrain with an opulent interior and cutting-edge automotive technology.

Despite its polarizing exterior design, BMW’s flagship sedan commands attention, especially when finished in a subdued shade of black. But is it worth a second glance if it lacks a provocative hue? Surprisingly, it might be.

Let’s be candid. Few would invest over $124,200 in a brand-new i7 xDrive60 only to treat it as just another car. This isn’t your average M5, M8 Cabriolet, or X5 xDrive50e.

Nor is it a family hauler, as children seldom appreciate delicate materials or the cost of luxury car parts. Besides, kids tend to leave a mess, especially if they’re not getting along. Moreover, parents rarely have the luxury of waiting calmly while the EV replenishes its electrons at a DC fast charger or Level 2 public dispenser.

BMW i7 Luxury Redefined in Electric Elegance

Thus, the all-electric 7 Series finds its niche among affluent tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs looking to impress friends or potential business partners, exclusive rental car companies, or individuals who relish the finer things in life but eschew the offerings of brands like Bentley, Rolls-Royce, or Mercedes-Maybach.

Given the discernible market for the i7, it’s not far-fetched to envision someone splurging even more on customizing their luxury sedan. After all, how often does one acquire a battery-electric 7 Series? It’s a rare indulgence, allowing for a bespoke speccing process.

One such individual crafted an i7 xDrive60 that ticks all the right boxes. While it lacks the mammoth rear-seat entertainment system, it boasts myriad other desirable features, including a trusty black Merino leather interior.

At first glance, the exterior might appear unassuming due to its nearly all-black appearance (excluding the wheels). However, when exposed to sufficient light—whether from the sun or artificial sources—a rich burgundy or cherry hue emerges unexpectedly.

BMW enthusiasts might recognize this as Carbon Black, a color that typically appears black but reveals a deep blue under sunlight or parking lot illumination. Paired with Black Sapphire Metallic in a dual-tone configuration, this option, though pricey at around $12,000, offers a striking visual impact.

But is it worth spending $5,500 on a shade of black that only reveals its true nature in sunlight? That’s a decision best left to individual preference. BMW offers a plethora of black shades, tints, and tones, including Frozen Black Metallic (matte), Enigmatic Black Metallic, Jerez Black Metallic, Crystal Casserit Black Metallic, Nero Fuoco Metallic, Cosmos Black Metallic, Citrin Black Metallic, and Grey Black Uni.

Ultimately, whether it’s a subtle black or a vibrant hue, customizing a 7 Series to reflect personal taste and style is a rewarding experience—one that BMW is more than capable of accommodating, provided one is willing to invest. So, whether it’s a discreet yet distinctive look or a head-turning statement, the choice is yours.

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