Bugatti’s Next Chapter: V16 Engine Replacement Revealed

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Bugatti's Next Chapter V16 Engine Replacement Revealed

Established by Ettore Bugatti in 1909, the ultra-luxury automaker Bugatti initially gained renown for its exceptional road cars before achieving prominence with its groundbreaking racing vehicles.

However, the original iteration of the French automaker ceased operations in 1952, only to be revived by Italian entrepreneur Romano Artioli in 1987.

One of Bugatti’s most notable creations from this resurgence was the EB 110, introduced in 1991. This quad-turbo V12 supercar marked Bugatti’s return after nearly four decades of absence and served as the inspiration for the iconic quad-turbo W16 hypercar, conceptualized by Volkswagen Group’s Ferdinand Piech.

Bugatti's Next Chapter V16 Engine Replacement Revealed

Following the conclusion of the Veyron’s production in 2015, Bugatti introduced the Chiron. While it did not generate as much fanfare as its predecessor, the Chiron proved to be a commercial success, with over 500 units produced by October 2023.

In anticipation of the Chiron’s eventual discontinuation, Bugatti’s chief executive, Mate Rimac, announced the discontinuation of the trademark quad-turbocharged W16 engine.

Subsequently, rumors circulated regarding the powertrain for the Chiron’s successor, eventually confirmed by Bugatti to feature a naturally aspirated V16 engine. Photos shared by Mate Rimac on Instagram depicted a cross-plane crankshaft configuration, indicative of a high-revving powerplant, speculated to be developed by Cosworth.

Boasting a carbon-fiber intake manifold with four throttle bodies, this V16 engine is rumored to produce 1,000 horsepower, supplemented by an additional 1,000 horsepower from the hybrid component of the powertrain.

Recently teased by Rimac, the production-ready model, concealed beneath a cover, is poised for its unveiling, offering prospective customers a glimpse of what’s to come.

While concrete details remain undisclosed, reports suggest that most of the planned 250 units have already been spoken for, underscoring Bugatti’s enduring allure in the realm of high-performance exotica.

Moreover, the decision to employ a naturally aspirated V16 engine in an era dominated by downsizing and electric vehicles signals a bold defiance against prevailing automotive trends.

Production of the successor model is slated to commence in 2026, with pricing estimates ranging from 3.6 million euros to over 5.0 million euros, reflecting Bugatti’s unwavering commitment to exclusivity and uncompromising performance.

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