Possible Dual Offering: Future BMW M3 Expected to Include Electric and Petrol Options

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Next BMW M3 May Come In Both Electric And Petrol Engine Variant

BMW has recently made waves with its announcement of an upcoming electric iteration of the beloved M3. However, it appears that the next generation of this iconic model will maintain a petrol engine option alongside its electric counterpart.

As the automotive industry undergoes a seismic shift towards electric vehicles, traditional car manufacturers are grappling with the challenge of transitioning their signature sports models into the realm of “zero emissions.”

Yet, despite the looming deadline of 2035, there’s no frantic rush to abandon conventional powertrains entirely. Take Mercedes, for instance; their C63 AMG, renowned for its formidable V8, is making the transition to a 4-cylinder engine supplemented by an electric motor, boasting a robust 680 horsepower.

Similarly, BMW’s future plans for the M3 involve embracing electrification, according to Franck Weber, head of development at the Bavarian marque. However, the forthcoming iM3, slated for a 2027 debut and built on the Neue Klasse platform, may not signal the end of the road for the venerable 6-cylinder engine.

BMW M3 (Credits: Car Sakes)

Interestingly, alongside the iM3, which might not resonate with die-hard enthusiasts, BMW seems intent on continuing to cater to their preferences for a while longer.

Reports from BMW Blog suggest that the next generation M3, codenamed G84, will coexist with the iM3 as part of a gradual transition, ensuring continuity for enthusiasts during this period of transformation.

This strategic decision may raise eyebrows, especially amidst a broader slowdown in the adoption of electric vehicles and recalibrated targets from certain automakers. Mercedes, for instance, has pushed back its all-electric aspirations from 2030 to 2035.

As for the powertrain, indications point to the retention of the 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine, the familiar 3-liter S58, albeit with updates to meet stringent Euro 7 standards. Hybridization is also a possibility under consideration.

While the current iteration of the BMW M3 is expected to grace showrooms until 2027, its successor is anticipated to debut around 2027 or 2028, based on the CLAR platform shared with other 3 Series models.

However, the fate of the BMW M4 appears less certain. Unlike its sedan counterpart, the future of the M4 coupe in its traditional thermal form seems dubious. Nevertheless, BMW likely has plans to replace it with an electric model that promises to match, if not exceed, the performance of its predecessors.


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