Exclusive ‘Inspired By’ Special Editions of Fiat 500e Available Only in the United States

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Fiat has introduced two distinctive variants of its charming 500e battery-electric vehicle, known as the ‘Inspired By Music’ and ‘Inspired By Beauty’ editions, designed to honor Italy’s rich culture and the Fiat brand’s identity.

Both editions are propelled by an electric drivetrain, delivering 117 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque. Performance-wise, they achieve 0-60 mph in a respectable 8.5 seconds.

Charging the battery from 0-80% is accomplished in about 35 minutes using a DC fast charger. While the estimated range of 149 miles may seem modest, it suffices for urban commuting purposes.

However, the focus of the Fiat 500 ‘Inspired By’ models lies primarily in their aesthetics and design. Let’s delve into what distinguishes each variant.

The ‘Inspired By Beauty’ 500e boasts stunning Rose Gold paintwork exclusive to this particular variant. Body-colored mirror caps and chrome exterior moldings exude sophistication, complemented by multi-spoke black and silver wheels.

Inside, the cabin is adorned with premium materials, featuring beige-colored eco-leather seats, an eco-leather dashboard, and a soft-touch steering wheel.

Priced at $36,000, the Inspired By Beauty edition represents a significant investment for a compact car. Nevertheless, with the previous (RED) Edition selling out swiftly at $32,500, there’s a chance that style-conscious buyers will be enticed by this Fiat’s allure. Notably, this version of the 500e made a cameo in J-Lo’s music video for Can’t Get Enough.

The ‘Inspired By Music’ 500e sports a sleek Tuxedo Black exterior finish and a noteworthy audio feature sure to captivate music enthusiasts. Collaborating with the renowned Andrea Bocelli, Fiat equipped this compact EV with a seven-speaker JBL audio system, complete with a subwoofer.

Bocelli curated four “Virtual Venues” integrated into the JBL sound system, offering a virtual-reality audio experience tailored to the chosen venue. These venues include a virtual rendition of the Giuseppe Verdi Opera House in Pisa, providing a theater-like ambiance. The Inspired By Music edition also retails for $36,000.

Both Inspired By models are equipped with Level 2 self-driving capability, featuring adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist to assist drivers on select roads, making the 500e the first in its class to offer this technology.

Although these Fiat 500e variants come at a premium price (even exceeding the cost of a base Model 3 post-incentives), they are not the most expensive models sold recently. In December 2023, three designer editions fetched a combined total of $300,000 at auction, with the Kartell version commanding an astonishing $275,000.

“The Fiat 500e embodies various facets of its Italian heritage. By celebrating style and culture, the ‘Inspired By’ models underscore the Italian essence of the 500e in a distinct Fiat manner,” remarked Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO.

Anticipate the arrival of the new Inspired By models at US dealerships in the third quarter of 2024.

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