Rolls-Royce Prism: Limited Edition Celebrating Contemporary Luxury

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Rolls-Royce Prism Limited Edition Celebrating Contemporary Luxury

Rolls-Royce introduces its latest limited edition Ghost model, named ‘Prism,’ celebrating the brand’s 120th anniversary with a nod to contemporary design. This exclusive model features a Gunmetal-finished exterior with Burnout and black brightwork accents, complemented by four vibrant accent colors.

In line with its anniversary, Rolls-Royce plans to produce only 120 units of the Ghost Prism, emphasizing exclusivity and potential appreciation in value over time. The color scheme of the Prism focuses on dark, neutral tones, punctuated by bold accent colors, creating a striking contrast and a modern aesthetic.

Rolls-Royce Prism Limited Edition Celebrating Contemporary Luxury

Crafted through meticulous attention to detail, the Gunmetal gray exterior undergoes a complex 10-step painting process, followed by 16 hours of hand polishing. Additional exterior highlights include high-gloss Burnout surfaces and deep gloss black finishes on the front bumper and side profile brightwork.

Rolls-Royce offers customers a choice of four vibrant accent colors, including Phoenix Red, Torchese, Mandarin, and Forge Yellow, which can be applied to various exterior and interior elements. Each Ghost Prism also features a bespoke Starlight Headliner with 1,040 colored ‘stars,’ adding to its luxurious ambiance.

With only 120 units available globally, the Ghost Prism offers discerning customers a unique opportunity to own a piece of Rolls-Royce history infused with contemporary flair.


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