Brabus 930: Unleashing Power and Luxury in Mercedes-AMG S 63

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In a recent newsletter, Brabus introduced its latest creation, the Brabus 930, showcasing the German tuner’s relentless pursuit of power in the luxury segment. Traditionally not associated with horsepower wars, Brabus has boldly challenged this notion, leaving other automakers with limited options but to settle for less.

The Mercedes-AMG S 63 E Performance, previously considered anything but slow, transformed Brabus’ expertise. With enhancements including exposed carbon fiber elements and a front spoiler designed for both aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency, the Brabus 930 boasts a formidable presence on the road.

Brabus 930 Unleashing Power and Luxury in Mercedes-AMG S 63 1

Under the hood, the Brabus performance upgrade takes the twin-turbocharged four-liter combustion engine to new heights with custom turbochargers, elevating torque from 900 Nm to 980 Nm and horsepower from 450 kW/612 PS to 544 kW/740 PS.

The incorporation of symmetrical exposed carbon RamAir intakes adds a touch of aggression to the vehicle’s appearance.

Completing the powertrain is an electric motor on the rear axle, resulting in a combined output of 1,510 Nm and 684 kW/930 PS, earning the car its ‘930’ designation.

Enhanced aerodynamics and performance enable the 2.6-ton luxury sedan to achieve impressive acceleration, reaching 0-100 kph in just 3.1 seconds. Moreover, Brabus has raised the top speed limiter from 155 mph to 180 mph, maintaining its electronically censored status.

Beyond performance, the Brabus 930 boasts striking aesthetics, featuring 22-inch Brabus Monoblock ZM “Platinum Edition” forged wheels and a meticulously crafted interior.

Adorned with black high-grade leather and intricate “Seashell Diamond” quilting, the cabin exudes luxury, while subtle “77” logos pay homage to Brabus’ founding year.

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