SEMA Show Highlights: Innovative Toyota Builds and Customizations

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SEMA Show Highlights Innovative Toyota Builds and Customizations 1

Toyota’s presence at last year’s SEMA Show marked a significant moment for the Japanese automaker, showcasing a variety of vehicles both directly and through partnerships.

Among the highlights was the unveiling of the Blue Beetle 2024 Tacoma, drawing attention despite the underwhelming box office performance of the superhero movie.

An eye-catching street-built Tacoma featuring a V6 engine swap from the larger Tundra demonstrated the feasibility of accommodating a larger powerplant within Tacoma’s engine bay.

SEMA Show Highlights Innovative Toyota Builds and Customizations 1

However, the spotlight wasn’t solely on Tacoma. One of the aftermarket partners involved in the Blue Beetle Tacoma project, McKinney-based Complete Customs, showcased their craftsmanship with a stunning 2023 Toyota Sequoia.

While the full-size SUV’s family-oriented design might not immediately reveal extensive modifications, the integration of various components showcased meticulous attention to detail.

The collaboration extended to a multitude of partners, including Vossen, Go Rhino, JBL, ShiftPod, CBI Offroad, Yakima, The Original Prinsu Rack, Alpharex USA, and Warn Industries, among others.

Notably, the Sequoia not only boasted off-road enhancements but also featured a matching Fox MTB bike displayed during the SEMA Show—unfortunately, the bike was stolen during the event, leaving only the SUV to recount the tale.

Specifically, Vossen’s contribution to the project included the installation of 17-inch HFX-1 aftermarket wheels in Terra Bronze, adding a distinct flair to the Sequoia’s appearance.

While the greenish hue of the wheels might not perfectly complement the gold decals of the partners, alternative examples, such as a modified Ferrari 812 GTS and a glossy-green Novitec Overdose Rolls-Royce Cullinan, showcase Vossen’s versatility in creating striking vehicle transformations.

Each vehicle, whether the Sequoia, the Ferrari, or the Cullinan, presents a unique interpretation of green-and-black aesthetics, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.


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