Bearman Subs for Scuderia as Sainz Recovers, Earns Vettel’s Good Luck and Hamilton’s Praise

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Vettel sent Bearman ‘good luck’ message ahead of Saudi F1 debut

With Scuderia’s full-time driver, Carlos Sainz, sidelined due to appendicitis requiring surgery, the team swiftly turned to their reserve driver and FIA F2 racer, Bearman, to step in alongside Charles Leclerc from FP3 onwards.

Despite being a two-time finalist for the Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award, Bearman narrowly missed out on a Q3 appearance in qualifying but managed to secure an 11th-place start.

In the Jeddah contest, he impressively finished in seventh position, while Leclerc claimed third, showcasing his prowess with a series of well-executed overtakes, notably outmaneuvering Yuki Tsunoda from Red Bull Racing into Turn 1.

Throughout the weekend, the 18-year-old received a flood of congratulatory messages, including one from former Ferrari driver and four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel, who retired from racing with Aston Martin in 2022.

Bearman Subs for Scuderia as Sainz Recovers, Earns Vettel's Good Luck and Hamilton's Praise
Bearman Subs for Scuderia as Sainz Recovers, Earns Vettel’s Good Luck and Hamilton’s Praise (Credits: Autosport)

Reflecting on the messages of support, Bearman expressed his gratitude, especially for Vettel’s, stating, “I did get a lot of congratulations and also good luck messages before the race. My favorite one was from Sebastian Vettel. I’m a huge fan of his since the early days. I was, up until he retired, always rooting for Seb. So, to get a message from him was really special.”

He also acknowledged the pressure that came with knowing Vettel was watching but found it to be a positive motivator. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali also reached out to him with a heartfelt message following the race, adding to the sense of accomplishment.

Furthermore, Bearman received recognition from Lewis Hamilton, who congratulated him with a hug after the race, a moment Bearman described as a proud one for himself.

In addition to the emotional support, Bearman found himself surprised by the level of administrative work involved in an F1 weekend. He noted the extensive media activities and technical demands, which far surpassed what he experienced in F2.

Adjusting to the long and arduous days, he found solace in the efficient Ferrari simulator, which aided him in swiftly adapting to the in-car procedures and setting adjustments necessary for the race weekend.

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