Cupra Born VZ & VW ID.3 GTX: Electric Hot Hatch Showdown

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Cupra Born VZ & VW ID.3 GTX Electric Hot Hatch Showdown 1

Cupra, the standalone brand positioned to potentially succeed Spanish automaker SEAT within the Volkswagen Group’s portfolio post-2030, unveiled its inaugural series-production electric hot hatchback in February 2024.

Debuting as the Cupra Born VZ, this model shares a platform and styling cues with its Volkswagen-branded counterpart, boasting a formidable power output of 322 horsepower and 402 pound-feet of torque.

Revealed alongside the ID.7 GTX Tourer, the ID.3 GTX represents Volkswagen’s foray into the electric hot hatch segment. Configured as a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the ID.3 GTX features Volkswagen Group’s most potent electric drive unit, designated as APP550.

This permanent magnet synchronous motor is available in two performance variants, with the standard version delivering 210 kW or 282 horsepower.

Cupra Born VZ & VW ID.3 GTX Electric Hot Hatch Showdown 1

Despite its substantial power output, the ID.3 GTX’s performance may appear modest in comparison to traditional compact hatchbacks, owing to the increased weight associated with electric drivetrains. However, its advanced electric propulsion system ensures responsive acceleration, achieving notable speeds within its segment.

The ID.3 GTX’s battery pack boasts a net capacity of 79 kilowatt-hours, facilitating rapid charging capabilities and extended driving range. Equipped with advanced features such as IQ. LIGHT LED Matrix headlights and a comprehensive infotainment system, the ID.3 GTX epitomizes Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation and driver-centric design.

While pricing details are yet to be disclosed, Volkswagen’s strategic positioning of the ID.3 GTX underscores its potential to attract discerning consumers seeking high-performance electric vehicles.

As Volkswagen continues to expand its electric vehicle portfolio, the ID.3 GTX emerges as a compelling option in the competitive automotive landscape.


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