Ferrari’s Mysterious Makeover: Vandalism or Marketing?

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A Ferrari, initially believed to be vandalized, captured attention on a bustling street in Brazil, sparking intrigue among onlookers. However, the truth behind its appearance revealed a surprising twist.

Covered in smashed eggs and graffiti accusing the owner of various crimes, including theft and corruption, the Ferrari California appeared to be a target of vandalism. Yet, investigations revealed a deliberate act by the owner to draw attention to a PPF service, orchestrated as an influencer marketing stunt.

Though social media speculation swirled regarding the authenticity of the vandalism, the Ferrari’s eye-catching display ignited discussions about protective measures like wrapping cars in a protective film. Despite the unorthodox publicity tactic, the Ferrari California’s allure remains undiminished, a testament to its status as Ferrari’s first front-engined V8 car.

Dana Phio

By Dana Phio

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