Tesla Cybertruck Production Soars: Flyover Reveals Over 300 Units

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Tesla is ramping up Cybertruck production at Giga Texas, evident from the increasing number of trucks parked in the outbound lots. A recent flyover revealed over 300 trucks awaiting delivery, offering hope to those who have ordered a Foundation Series Cybertruck.

With over one million reservations, the Cybertruck has become one of the most sought-after car models in history. However, fulfilling these reservations could take years due to the sheer volume, compounded by Tesla’s delayed start in fulfilling orders.

Initially, Cybertrucks were mainly delivered to Tesla employees, celebrities, and influencers. Only recently have regular customers been invited to order the Foundation Series Cybertruck.

Despite the impressive number of reservations, not everyone opts for the Foundation Series, which comes at a $20,000 premium over the regular models. Tesla has yet to confirm when prices will stabilize, aiming for $79,990 for the Cybertruck AWD and $99,990 for the Cyberbeast. During the Q4 2023 earnings call, Elon Musk avoided providing clear guidance on production ramp-up.

Various factors could impact Cybertruck’s production capacity, given the vehicle’s use of untested technologies. Supply shortages or the need for re-engineering could potentially slow down production, maintaining Cybertruck as a low-volume model for an extended period.

Nevertheless, the production ramp-up at Giga Texas appears to be progressing according to plan, though Tesla has kept quiet about it. Investors may seek guidance on this during the Q1 2024 earnings call in mid-April. Until then, observations from flyovers provide the only estimates, showing promising signs of progress.

Drone operators closely monitor Tesla’s operations, especially at Giga Texas, to decipher the Cybertruck’s production status. A recent flyover by Tesla enthusiast Jeff Roberts revealed a significant number of Cybertrucks across various areas of the Giga Texas facility, suggesting that the production pace is accelerating. This development is crucial, as it indicates progress in resolving bottlenecks, particularly in 4680 cell production, which has been a limiting factor. Overcoming these hurdles should bring Giga Texas closer to its production target of 125,000 Cybertrucks per year.


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