Customized Rolls-Royce Phantom: Luxury Enhancements and Aesthetic Appeal

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Mansory has garnered a reputation for being synonymous with ostentatiousness, as their modifications often veer into the realm of excessive. However, not all of their projects fit this description, as some manage to retain an appealing aesthetic.

Take, for example, this customized Rolls-Royce Phantom showcased in Los Angeles. The luxury sedan boasts tasteful enhancements that complement its original design, including subtle exterior additions and a bespoke interior.

Starting with the exterior, the car features side skirt add-ons for a more muscular look, along with a redesigned lower front bumper featuring additional LED DRLs and a stylish apron. The rear end is adorned with a new diffuser and a trunk lid spoiler attachment.

Mansory has opted for a predominantly black color scheme, accentuated by a pinstripe that matches the interior. Chromed elements have been darkened out, with the tuner’s logo adorning certain components. The Phantom rides on large wheels with a multi-spoke design, paired with slim tires to fit snugly within the arches.

While the alterations may have slightly impacted the car’s comfort due to the lower ground clearance and rubber band tires, the overall luxurious experience remains uncompromised. Details of the interior are scarce, but glimpses suggest a reupholstered light blue leather finish, possibly with Mansory’s signature touches.

Performance enhancements remain uncertain, although Mansory offers a power boost option unlocking impressive figures. The standard V12 engine already delivers substantial power, with acceleration figures that befit its weighty stature.

This particular Rolls-Royce Phantom may not be available for sale, likely commissioned by a discerning owner seeking a unique look. Nonetheless, Mansory has succeeded in delivering an appealing product, showcasing its craftsmanship admirably.

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