Toyota TRD Pro: Dominating Off-Road Performance Unleashed

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The resurrected Mint 400 stands as a testament to unrivaled off-road racing, akin to a lawless frontier in contemporary America. Offering a diverse array of classes for two and four-wheeled vehicles, the event promises thrilling competition. However, this lax approach to rules and regulations poses a challenge in attracting OEM manufacturers.

Amidst the 2024 Mint 400 spectacle, Toyota TRD defied convention, presenting a lineup of 4x4s blending modernity with nostalgia. The 2024 4Runner TRD Pro, exuding a rugged charm, made a striking appearance. Accompanying it, the 2024 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, boasting contemporary flair, complemented its counterpart.

In a sea of aftermarket suppliers reminiscent of a miniature SEMA show, Toyota stood out as the sole OEM showcasing bone stock, brand-new 4x4s. Amidst the frenzy, enthusiasts were eager to explore these offerings. Notably, the fifth-generation Toyota 4Runner marks its 15th year in production, a testament to its enduring appeal.

Characterized by its iconic design, the 4Runner TRD Pro sports a striking “Terra” paint, accentuated by TRD-specific elements. Powered by a four-liter V6 engine, it boasts off-road prowess augmented by TRD-tuned suspension and advanced traction systems.

In contrast, the Tundra TRD Pro, equipped with a potent V6 and hybrid drivetrain, exemplifies modernity. Boasting robust off-road capabilities, it stands as a pinnacle of factory-stock performance.

Toyota’s foray into the Mint 400 underscores its commitment to off-road excellence. As America’s oldest truck race experiences a renaissance, the presence of OEM manufacturers ensures its enduring legacy.


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