Chrysler New Yorker: Iconic Luxury Classic Car Revived

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In 2024, Chrysler’s presence in showrooms is diminished, a stark contrast to its former glory. However, amidst its rich legacy, the New Yorker stands tall.

Debuting in 1938 as a sub-series of the Imperial, the New Yorker became a standalone model in 1940, remaining in production for 50 years, predominantly as the brand’s flagship. Part of Virgil Exner’s Forward Look design program, the New Yorker’s styling mirrored Chrysler’s automotive innovations.

Despite its celebrated status, the New Yorker wagon remains a forgotten classic, largely due to its high price. Only a small fraction of production included this luxurious variant, with the 1955 model commanding a hefty sum of over $4,000, equivalent to nearly $47,000 today.

While the seller claims just 25 surviving examples, the Nugget Gold Poly example available for purchase exhibits considerable wear and lacks essential components, rendering it a costly restoration project rather than a viable investment.

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