Magali’s Ford F-150 Camper: Compact Mobile Home for Adventurers

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Introducing Magali, a multi-talented individual who found her passion early in life, embracing roles as an artist, freediver, and spearfisher.

Instead of adhering to conventional living arrangements, Magali opted for a more unconventional lifestyle. Upon the expiration of her apartment lease, she embarked on a project to transform a truck into her very own mobile home.

Her vehicle of choice was a Ford F-150, equipped with a powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine generating 395 horsepower. Unlike typical truck campers, Magali decided on a relatively compact fiberglass shell for her conversion project.

Leveraging her expertise in welding and with the assistance of her father, a skilled woodworker, they completed the camper in just two weeks of intensive labor, dedicating 12 to 14 hours each day to the endeavor.

From the exterior, the Ford truck maintains a discreet appearance, with only minor modifications, including the addition of a roof vent and a small hook for drying her wetsuit. The real marvel lies within the interior.

Upon opening the rear door, one is greeted by a snug and efficiently organized space. The right side houses a compact kitchen setup, while the left side accommodates a cozy bed.

Adorned with wooden finishes and illuminated by ample natural light streaming through elongated windows, the interior exudes warmth and charm. Various decorative elements, including a large wooden fish and artificial plants, add a personal touch to the space.

Beneath the bed, towards the rear, resides the electrical system comprising an inverter and two AGM batteries, rechargeable via the truck’s alternator during travel. On the opposite side, a 5-pound propane bottle caters to Magali’s cooking needs, boasting an ample supply lasting up to a month during winter.

The kitchen, characterized by its simplicity and functionality, features ample counter space, a double sink, a dual-burner camping stove, and various storage solutions, including cabinets, drawers, and wall-mounted magnetic spice racks. A straightforward plumbing system comprises separate tanks for freshwater and greywater.

Despite the compact dimensions, Magali’s tiny home exudes a spacious feel, cleverly incorporating storage solutions such as under-bed drawers and a walk-in closet nestled behind the rear passenger seats of the truck.

Impressively, the camper lacks neither comfort nor functionality, embodying Magali’s resourcefulness and creativity in crafting her ideal mobile abode.

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