Tesla Cybertruck Auction: Ownership Terms, Features, & Market Trends

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At last, the long-awaited moment arrives. The inaugural Cybertruck, reportedly sanctioned for sale by Tesla, has made its debut on an online auction platform. The seller asserts possession of the requisite documentation to substantiate its legality.

With a mere three days remaining in the auction, this Cybertruck emerges as the most economically viable option on the pre-owned vehicle market thus far.

In a bid to deter profiteering after years of anticipation, Tesla has introduced a non-resale clause within the purchase agreement, mandating compliance from all Cybertruck owners.

Failure to adhere to this clause may prompt Tesla to pursue injunctive measures to impede the title transfer of the vehicle or demand financial compensation from the seller, amounting to $50,000 or the value garnered from the sale, whichever surpasses.

Should an owner seek to sell their newly acquired Cybertruck, they must first notify Tesla in writing of their intent to do so, allowing the automaker to repurchase the vehicle at the listed purchase price less $0.25 per mile driven. For instance, a Cybertruck with 10,000 miles on the odometer would entail a deduction of $2,500 from the price.

Nonetheless, Tesla reserves the right to decline to repurchase the Cybertruck. In the event an owner wishes to explore alternative buyers, they must first secure written consent from Tesla before initiating the sale.

Despite repeated requests, the current seller has yet to produce the purported documentation, although the listing price suggests its validity.

While skepticism lingers, the affordability of this Cybertruck appears unparalleled. With three days remaining and 15 bids already placed on Cars and Bids, the price has surged to $150,500. Even if the seller were to incur the $50,000 resale penalty imposed by Tesla, profitability seems dubious, hinting at a motive beyond mere profit.

Prospective buyers stand to acquire the Cybertruck with all-wheel drive, boasting a mere 70 miles on the odometer, effectively rendering it brand-new with minimal delivery mileage.

Delivered to its current owner in March 2024, the vehicle’s brief ownership tenure raises speculation regarding its swift listing for sale, suggesting either dissatisfaction or a deliberate intent for prompt resale.

Equipped with 20-inch wheels, a four-wheel steer-by-wire system, and adaptive air suspension, the Cybertruck offers unparalleled ground clearance, reaching 17 inches in its highest setting—topping all-electric pickup trucks presently available.

Interior amenities include power-adjustable, heated, and ventilated leather front seats, controlled via an 18.5-inch Infinity center touchscreen for the driver, and a 9.4-inch rear touchscreen for rear occupants. A panoramic glass roof adds to the vehicle’s allure.

While the Cybertruck boasts self-driving capabilities, the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta remains unavailable, with Tesla citing other priorities and uncertain future availability.

Notably, the vehicle can tow up to 11,000 pounds, powered by an 845 horsepower dual-motor setup, supported by a 123-kWh lithium-ion battery promising up to 340 miles of range, albeit subject to variance.

The seller affirms no modifications or servicing have been undertaken due to the low mileage, offering two key cards, a mobile charger, and a J1772 charging adapter alongside the vehicle.

Notably, a $50,000 loan encumbers the vehicle, with proceeds from the sale intended to settle the debt and facilitate title transfer to the winning bidder.

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