Turbo-Rocket Legacy: Preserving Oldsmobile’s Automotive Innovation

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The Turbo-Rocket, a turbocharged engine hailed as revolutionary, boasted 215 horsepower and 30% more torque than its non-turbo counterparts. Despite its impressive performance enhancements, the Turbo-Rocket, described by Oldsmobile as groundbreaking, harbored surprises.

One such surprise was the inclusion of a specialized tank containing rocket fluid designed to cool the system. Many customers found this addition overwhelming, as it required additional maintenance.

Some even forgot to replenish the rocket fluid, a mixture of methyl alcohol and water, leading to a drop in power when depleted. Faced with customer dissatisfaction and frequent returns due to power loss, Oldsmobile eventually replaced the turbo system with a four-barrel carburetor.

Among the few remaining Turbo-Rocket-equipped vehicles is one seeking a new home, as claimed by Napoli Classics, with only around 50 units believed to exist. Most owners opted for the four-barrel carburetor, while others abandoned their Turbo-Rocket-equipped vehicles over time.

This particular Oldsmobile preserves its original turbo system, untouched and unaltered. Fully restored, the car remains in impeccable condition, boasting its original Garrett turbo system and accompanying rocket fluid bottle.

With a mere 75,000 miles on the odometer, this Jetfire stands as a testament to the automotive innovation of its time. Priced at $39,000, it represents a rare find for enthusiasts seeking a piece of automotive history.


By Park-Shin Jung

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