Tesla Plaid vs. Lucid Air: Dragstrip Showdown Highlights Performance

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Until the impending arrival of the all-new Porsche Taycan Turbo GT vying for supremacy, the title of the fastest four-door production EV belongs to American offerings, deeply entrenched in the local motoring ethos.

Undeniably, Tesla reigns supreme in the EV domain, particularly in sales figures. No competitor, be it traditional automakers or emerging startups, comes close. However, in terms of sheer performance, Lucid has made strides with the 1,234-horsepower Air Sapphire. Admittedly pricier than a Model S Plaid, it doesn’t necessarily deliver manifold performance gains.

Thus, an ongoing rivalry brews between Tesla Model S Plaid owners and Lucid Air Sapphire enthusiasts. This competition extends to the local quarter-mile dragstrip, even when confrontations are absent. A recent event underscores this dynamic.

The proprietor of the Tesla Plaid Channel, committed to weekly Model S Plaid races, consistently delivers on the promise. Most recently, at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Florida, the Plaid, clad in blue, took center stage for exhilarating quarter-mile dragstrip action.

True to form, the Plaid performed admirably, aided by on-site YouTuber collaborators, who captured the EV’s exploits alongside the competing Sapphire.

Firstly, the Plaid faced off against a Big Block Chevy Chevelle SS, seemingly a formidable adversary with its hefty rear tires. However, the matchup proved one-sided, leaving the host somewhat disappointed by the lackluster showing from the Chevy. Technical glitches prevented a time slip comparison, but the Plaid’s details, including a 9.25s pass, were recorded.

Next, the Plaid challenged a Ford Mustang Cobra equipped with a 363ci engine and a 75mm turbocharger, purportedly an eight-second performer. Despite the Plaid’s consistent 9.25s pass, it fell short of clinching victory, with the Cobra’s blistering 8.77s pass stealing the spotlight.

Lastly, the Lucid Air Sapphire finally breached the eights that night after persistent attempts by its owner. Nonetheless, it succumbed to a COPO Camaro, registering an 8.52s versus 8.99s defeat.


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