Exclusive First Look: 1990 Honda CR250R Collaboration with KRT in Two-Stroke Tuesday

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In this edition of Two-Stroke Tuesday, sponsored by Boyesen, we’re thrilled to offer an exclusive sneak peek into our collaboration with KRT on the 1990 Honda CR250R.

Featuring products from Wiseco and Pro Circuit in our 2-Stroke Hardware segment and a lineup of five impressive premix burning machines in 2-Stroke Theater, this week’s episode promises excitement for all two-stroke enthusiasts. Honda fans, make sure to read on till the end – you won’t be disappointed.

Seventy-five percent of the meticulous bike build took place in Sweden, with the remaining twenty-five percent dedicated to scouring the globe for the necessary parts. Christian, the visionary behind KRT, is no stranger to extensive travels, ensuring every aspect of the machine meets the highest standards.

 Honda CR250R
Honda CR250R (Credits: Dirt Bike Magazine)

Rebuilding the bike from scratch involved partnering with renowned companies such as All Balls, Pro-X, Boyesen, BRT, Acerbis, Mansson Racing, Fuel Star, Bolt Motorcycle Hardware, and Pro Circuit.

The engine underwent a complete transformation with performance parts from Wiseco and Pro-X, while Boyesen covers and replacement reeds added the finishing touches.

Notably, a custom-machined billet aluminum top triple clamp facilitated the use of oversized Torc 1 handlebars, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Mansson Racing, Sweden’s equivalent of Enzo Racing, handled all suspension upgrades, ensuring top-tier performance.

For enthusiasts seeking Works style Pro Circuit pipes for older Honda 2-Strokes, the option remains available through special order, albeit with some waiting time and additional costs. A Bolt Motorcycle Hardware universal kit replaced the engine, chassis, and plastic mounting hardware, ensuring durability and reliability.

A classic black Pro-X sprocket paired with a gold race chain complements the nostalgic look, while Kenda Millville 2 rubber mounted on CC Products wheels, featuring anodized aluminum hubs and black Excel rims, ensures optimal traction and performance.

 Honda CR250R
Honda CR250R (Credits: Dirt Bike Magazine)

With Acerbis plastics and custom graphics design, the overall aesthetic pays homage to the ’90s Grand Prix factory race machines. A blend of off-the-shelf items and custom-made components adds depth and character to the build, evoking a sense of nostalgia and anticipation for the maiden ride. Sweden awaits – this bad boy is ready to hit the trails.

In our 2-Stroke Hardware segment, we highlight Wiseco’s Garage Buddy engine rebuild kit, offering everything needed for a comprehensive bottom and top-end rebuild. From the crank to the piston kit, and even including an hour meter for maintenance tracking, Wiseco delivers convenience and quality in one comprehensive package.

For those seeking performance gains without compromising on durability, Pro Circuit’s Platinum Pipe offers an ideal solution. With platinum plating protecting the body from everyday wear and tear, this meticulously engineered exhaust system combines power, elegance, and utility, elevating the riding experience to new heights.

And in our 2-Stroke Theater, if you’re enamored by the 1990 Honda CR250R showcased today, don’t miss out on exploring our earlier build – the 1995 Honda CR250R. Click the image below for more thrilling two-stroke action.

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