Peugeot Presents its Largest EV Yet: The 2025 e-5008

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Peugeot Introduces The 2025 e-5008, The Brand’s Largest EV Till Date

Peugeot’s latest addition to its rapidly expanding EV lineup is the spacious, stylish, and technologically advanced e-5008. This new electric SUV aims to redefine its segment with a blend of performance, efficiency, and ample space for the entire family. But let’s move beyond the marketing buzz and delve into the specifics.

The e-5008 is a seven-seater SUV built on the STLA Medium electric platform, offering various configurations depending on your preferences.

The base model delivers a robust 210 horsepower to the front wheels, while the long-range variant steps up to 230 horsepower, providing an estimated range of 660 km. For those seeking maximum power and all-wheel-drive capability, there’s the range-topping 320-horsepower dual-motor AWD version.

Peugeot (Credits: Arena EV)

While Peugeot hasn’t disclosed the exact battery capacity, it’s confirmed that the entry-level model will likely feature a 73 kWh pack, similar to the e-3008. The long-range and AWD versions are expected to share a larger NMC battery, likely around 98 kWh, facilitating rapid charging from 20% to 80% in just 30 minutes with a capable DC charger.

Inside the e-5008, you’ll find Peugeot’s innovative Panoramic i-Cockpit, featuring a 21-inch infotainment display standard on top-trim GT models. This system offers high responsiveness and customization options, ensuring convenient access to essential functions via touch or voice commands.

Comfort features include a heated steering wheel and regenerative braking options accessible via new paddles behind the wheel. The adaptable seating arrangements in the second and third rows provide flexibility to optimize legroom or cargo space as needed.

Peugeot (Credits: EV Specifications)

Safety is a top priority, with the e-5008 boasting 40 driver assistance and safety features, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and semi-automatic lane change.

Peugeot offers peace of mind with its comprehensive Allure Care program, covering key electrical and mechanical components for up to eight years or 160,000 km, underscoring the brand’s confidence in the EV’s quality and reliability.

The e-5008 is set to hit the market in the fall of 2024, with pricing details to be announced closer to its showroom debut.

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