Quirky Classic: Bob’s Robin Reliant Camper Conversion

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Quirky Classic Bob's Robin Reliant Camper Conversion
Quirky Classic Bob's Robin Reliant Camper Conversion

Behold a remarkable testament to the adage “good things come in small packages”: a compact, engine-stripped three-wheeler from the eccentric British automaker.

Enter the “ultimate weekend RV,” a transformed Robin Reliant converted into a DIY camper. While the concept alone may elicit amusement, the backstory behind it is equally intriguing, underscored by the builder’s passion and wit.

Meet Bob, an auto enthusiast and occasional camper now in his early 70s, who gained a moment of fame as the creator of “Rodney,” his Robin Reliant conversion. Featured on the popular British show “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces,” Bob’s creation debuted on Season 9 in the summer of 2020, leaving viewers charmed by its quirkiness and functionality.

Quirky Classic Bob's Robin Reliant Camper Conversion
Quirky Classic Bob’s Robin Reliant Camper Conversion

Despite the Reliant’s reputation for stability issues and modest performance, it remains a British classic, immortalized by appearances on shows like “Top Gear.” Bob’s homage to this iconic vehicle, however, takes on a unique charm, drawing inspiration from Del Boy’s Reliant from “Only Fools and Horses.”

Bob’s 1973 Mk1 Reliant, stripped of its engine and interior, has been transformed into a cozy abode on wheels. While it may not persuade everyone to embrace life on the road, it serves its purpose admirably, offering Bob a comfortable alternative to cramped tents during auto gatherings.

Complete with a makeshift galley and sleeping quarters, Bob’s creation is a nod to both nostalgia and ingenuity. Though its quirks are evident, from its compact size to its makeshift shower, Bob’s Reliant conversion embodies creativity and resourcefulness, making it a truly unique vehicle.

In the end, Bob’s “ultimate weekend RV” may not revolutionize the concept of mobile living, but it serves as a lighthearted reminder of the joy found in unconventional endeavors.


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