Tesla’s Latest Updates: FSD Beta V12.3 and Enhanced Autopark

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Tesla's Latest Updates FSD Beta V12.3 and Enhanced Autopark
Tesla's Latest Updates FSD Beta V12.3 and Enhanced Autopark

Tesla has initiated the rollout of two concurrent software updates across its fleet, one incorporating the latest FSD Beta software, while the other introduces enhanced driving visualizations and Autopark functionality. Notably, this marks the first instance of Autopark being deployed to vehicles lacking ultrasonic sensors.

Tesla’s FSD Beta V12.3 has been generating significant buzz across social media platforms, garnering unanimous praise from Tesla owners. However, this cutting-edge iteration of Tesla’s FSD software is exclusively available for vehicles manufactured in 2023, leaving newer models equipped with 2024 builds to operate on FSD Beta V11.4.9, introduced in December 2023.

Plans are underway to merge these software branches in the coming months, although such consolidation has been promised previously. Tesla’s practice involves merging software branches once the “cutting-edge” build demonstrates stability for production. However, after this, Tesla initiates a new branch to trial additional features, a pattern likely to continue in the future.

Tesla's Latest Updates FSD Beta V12.3 and Enhanced Autopark
Tesla’s Latest Updates FSD Beta V12.3 and Enhanced Autopark (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla anticipates re-basing FSD Beta V12.3 onto newer 2024 builds of vehicle software shortly. Until this transition occurs, Tesla employees continue to explore new features, as evident in the recent software updates.

While vehicles running on software version 2023.44.30 received a minor update to FSD Beta V12.3.1, testers with 2024.2 builds were treated to a significant surprise over the weekend. The 2024.2.12 update introduced enhanced Driving Visualization and Autopark functionality, marking the first instance of Vision-only vehicles receiving this feature.

Based on insights shared by Teslascope, the updated Driving Visualizations are part of an impending overhaul in Tesla’s user interface (UI). Tesla has been diligently developing new visualizations for over a year, with promises of awe-inspiring designs.

A Take a look into this future was provided with the introduction of High-Fidelity Park Assist in December. Rumors also suggest that FSD visualization may be available when utilizing basic Autopilot on non-FSD vehicles.

However, the introduction of Autopark is the highlight of the 2024.2.12 update. For the first time, Vision-only vehicles are equipped with Autopark, leveraging end-to-end AI without the need for ultrasonic sensors. This improved Autopark system is anticipated to extend to vehicles with ultrasonic sensors in the future. As of now, it is exclusively available for Vision-only vehicles.

Following its initial release exclusively to Tesla employees as version 2024.2.11, Vision Autopark appears poised for broader rollout as version 2024.2.12. Early feedback suggests that Vision-only Autopark matches or exceeds the capabilities of USS-equipped vehicles.

A video shared on X demonstrates the functionality, showcasing the seamless parking process in a non-USS Tesla Model Y with Enhanced Autopilot. While Elon Musk has teased a future iteration of Autopark dubbed “Banish,” it remains absent from the release notes for version 2024.2.12.


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